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I’ve been blogging, personally and professionally, for well over 10 years. Actually, I started this blog about 13 years ago to use as a creative outlet to do a brain dump about things that interested me; beauty and style. Although those things still interest me and are the main topics of my post, a lot has changed over the last decade. When I started adding other daily life content, it started to get a little difficult to come up with blog posts ideas. Of course, there are countless articles and webinars about starting a blog. However, there aren’t that many about curating content for your blog, let alone creating content for 4-5 posts a week.

5 Blog Posts Ideas - Stained Couture

If you want daily visitors to the blog that you’ve put so much time and money into creating, then you are going to have post 4-5 posts a week. Who goes to a blog everyday once you realize that they only post every other blue moon? Out of sight, out of mind is a real thing, folks. Thankfully, after so many years of blogging and being a content developer at my 9-5 for over 7 years, I’ve been able to develop some tips to ensure that I always have blog posts to create.

So, if you have a blog and struggling to create daily content or thinking about starting a blog, but don’t know what to write, then this post is for you. Keep reading to see some suggestions to help you consistently create blog posts.

Blog Posts Ideas: Create Series

FYI, a blog series is a collection of posts with the same theme or date. For example, I currently have 2 weekly series; Item of The Week and Link-End Round-Up. Also, I have Lust-Have List, which is my monthly series I share at the beginning of each month.

Series posts not only ensure that you have content on your blog, but is also a good way to hold you accountable on creating the post. Personally, I like my series to be easy to produce, such as my new series; Item of the Week I share every Monday. I created that series, because having a hard time finding time and energy to create posts for Monday. Therefore, I decided to create a Monday series where I share a product I’m currently loving with a small review of the product. I think 1-2 weekly series and monthly series is enough, but feel free to do more.

Blog Posts Ideas: Product Reviews

Product reviews easy wins for blog content. Thankfully, some people still ‘Google’ products before they purchase them and the right review may land them on your page. As long as the product or service you review doesn’t get discontinued, people might find your blog for years to come. I have posts that I wrote about 7 years ago that still get hits. Even though I completely forgot I wrote them, people still inquire about the product mentioned. Writing about products that are still on the market, you can assure that those reviews can draw readers for years to come.

Blog Posts Ideas: Thoughts on Others’ Posts

As an avid reader of blogs and articles online, I run across plenty of blog posts based off of a bigger story. You can write a post based on your opinion of the article. Also, you can write about a small blurb from the post or article. Just make sure your link to the article, because gives credit to original article while helping your SEO. I’ll unpack SEO on another day, because it’s going to need an entire luggage set.

Blog Posts Ideas: What You’ve Been Googling

Speaking of Google or whatever search engine you use. If you’ve been searching for information on a certain moisturizer, new diet trend, or what produce is in season; maybe your readers are interested in the same thing. So, gather the information your found and write about it. More than likely, if it’s of interest to you then it might be of interest to your readers.

Blog Posts Ideas: Follow Up On Past Posts

One of my main objectives when creating blog posts is to make it quality content that is relevant for today and in the future, otherwise known as ‘evergreen’ content. It’s always great to be able to link in to some of your posts from the past. Doing so helps boosts the strength of former post while highlight past content to new(er) readers.

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