5 Ways I’m Preparing for Spring

Spring is literally 2 weeks away and I can’t wait! So much so, I have already written down all the ways I’m preparing for spring.

Preparing for Spring | STAINED COUTURE

Every season, I do some minor tweaks in my life, but I think I do more in the spring. Plus, I enjoy making life tweaks in warmer weather. Keep reading to see the 5 things I’m doing to prepare for spring.

Preparing For Spring: Cleaning out closet

Before I moved, I purged a lot of clothes. My new closet is almost triple the size of my old, mini closet, which is making me think I need more clothes. Thankfully, I have a home to shop for and not clothes. Despite me having more closet than clothes, I still plan to reorganize my clothes and move my winter and fall clothes to the far corner.

Preparing For Spring: Bed linens

A few years ago, I discovered and fell in love with flannel sheets. Flannel sheets are warmer and cozier, but too warm for the spring. Therefore, I switch out the flannel for cooler options. You can even my sheets, mattress protectors, and pillows designed to help you stay cool while sleeping. Technology can be so grand.

Preparing For Spring: Switch out skincare

Since I have combination skin, which is dependent on the season, I have to adjust my skincare products to the weather. Therefore, when the weather starts getting warmer, I switch out my heavier creams and moisturizers for lighter lotions. I also start to pull out more products to fight oily skin, which happens when it gets warmer.

Preparing For Spring: Aromas

I’m a scents person and believe they help evoke my moods. This is also a reason why I’m into aromatherapy, but I mainly switch out candles. In the fall and winter, it’s all about heavy scents with wefts of vanilla. However, in the spring and summer, I lean towards more floral and fruity scents. My go-to spring scent is anything lemon-y, including the lemon-scented candles.

Preparing For Spring: Content

You might have noticed that I haven’t been posting as much each week as I used to post. There are plenty of justifiable reasons, which included finding a new place and fawning over my adorable new nephew. However, the main reason is because my creative juices haven’t been flowing that much. It’s just hard for me to feel creative when I have a bazillion of real life stuff to sort through. Also, no sun/ Vitamin D can really get to you. However, now that everything is starting to settle, I’m starting to feel the creative juices brewing. I have so many post ideas and I can’t wait to get to them. Plus, when I finally turn my second bedroom into an office, it’s going to be over for ya’ll! LOL!

What are you doing to prepare for spring? Share below!

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