A WTF Moment Solved

The past couple of months, my skin has been AWESOME! Probably, the best that its ever been in my 28 years on earth. However, that started to go south over the past couple of weeks and I figured out why this weekend. Keep reading to see why.

I’ve been over the moon happy…finally happy that the years of dull and acne prone skin were all of sudden behind me and I was able to be comfortable wearing minimal make-up and sometimes no makeup in public. I’d finally found the perfect skincare regimen for me and my skin after countless and I do mean countless products, treatments, and regimen over the years.

My regimen included using a gentle and exfoliating foam face wash by 3Lab, followed by toning with witch hazel, iQ derma acne lotion, and moisturized with Cetaphil. All that equaled up to smooth and clear complexion…until about 2 weeks ago.

After being spoiled and reveling in my new attitude and skin, my skin started to breakout again in cystic and above the skin pimples. A true WTF moment. I didn’t know what was happening and then it finally hit me this weekend.

Two weeks ago, I ran out of the iQ Derma Acne Treatment Lotion and that’s when it hit me that this was my new clear skin creator. This is the only thing that changed in my routine and now my skin was crying out for it and needless to say, I was, too!

So, as I read this, the 2 bottles I ordered are on their way to me and should hopefully be on my desk at work by Wednesday. Thank sweet goodness for iQ Derma and their acne treatment…and next day air! Hopefully, I will be spoiling in clear skin again by this weekend!

Stay Stylish!

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