Add a Muscle Cream to Your Nightly Routine ASAP

Currently, I don’t have a job where I spend 8 hours a day sitting in front of a computer. Before the job that I have now, I spent almost 8 years having to sit in front of 2 computer monitors all day. Now, my jobs call for me to have to stand, walk, and climb stairs occasionally, which my health appreciates. Unfortunately, that also means that have more nights when my body, especially legs, feel tired and sore. Enter a nighttime routine that now involves muscle creams and things. Yep, I’m that old, folks.

Muscle Creams in Nightly Routine | STAINED COUTURE

Yes, on most nights after a long day at work or when I remember that I have a gym membership, I will break out a muscle cream. Well, it’s not always a cream, because I do have a couple of solid and liquid options.

Using a muscle cream at night not only helps your muscles recovery, but also helps you relax. Most muscle creams and potions contains ingredients such as menthol, which can help your whole body and mind relax and drift off to sleep.

My favorite muscle rub that I’ve been using is the Wildflower CBD cool stick. What I love about this is that it comes in an easy to use stick form. It looks like a stick of deodorant, which makes it easier to apply it. Since most muscle rubs have menthol in them, it’s not the best idea to rub them in with your hands. If you do, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly, before you touch any other area of your body. Trust me, you don’t want that to happen.

However, there are the occasional night when I think my tired muscles deserve a deep tissue massage and that’s when I reach for a cream. The extra-strength muscle rub from Walgreens does the trick and usually lulls me to sleep quickly. I just have to remember to wash my hands, because it is strong. Once, I accidentally rubbed near my eye after using it and it was horrible.

A cream that’s next on my list is the Bear NeccessitiesCco. Relieving Muscle Gel. I read some great reviews on this gel, which is packed with 200MG of CBD. So, it’s soothing and helps muscles recover. It’s definitely high on my list and may even be the motivating factor for me to go to the gym more. We’ll see.

Do you use muscle cream or recovery potions at night? Got a fave – share it below!

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