Adding Plant Vibes without Real Plants

Plants are having a moment. So much so, “plant lady” is the new “cat lady”. Even I was bitten by the plant bug and acquired a few plants this year. However, adding plant vibes to your space can be very time consuming. Although there are many low maintenance plants out there, even they may need more attention than you have to give.

Faux Plant Vibes | STAINED COUTURE


Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can add the look of plants and greenery without having to buy real, water-needing plants. Like I mentioned, I’ve acquired a few plants this year and it has been difficult. I even have a slowly dying plant in the corner of my living room to prove it. Keep reading to see 3 ways you can add “plants” to your space without having to add plants to your space.

Artifical Philodendron | TARGET

The classic and easiest way to add plant vibes without having to water them and make the get enough sun is with fake plants. Over the years, fake plants have really glowed up. Not only do they look more realistic, but there are more options than fake ficus and palms. For example, this fake philodendron looks realistic and it’s pretty affordable. Plus, it comes in a modern ceramic planter that will work in most spaces.

Faux Plant Vibes | STAINED COUTURE

Want a very subtle way of adding the look of plants in your space. Try this cacti and succulent tapestry from Urban Outfitters, which features illustrations of different cacti and succulents. This would also made a great backdrop for real plants, too.


Like plants, neon lights as home decor are having a moment, as well. Recently, I bought a neon cherry lamp for my desk and I love it. Also, like fake plants, they are becoming more inexpensive to buy. This ‘Leaf’ neon table lamp is a cool and easy way to embrace two trends in one.

What have you added to your space to create plant vibes? Share below.

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