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Yes! I knew I could find one!

Just this past weekend, while my friend Nicole and I were downtown enjoying the annual crawfish festival (fist pump for crawfish season), while eating crawfish out of a little bucket and trying to still look cute in the process, we somehow got into a conversation about key pendants and how its almost impossible to find a cute and delicate one, but not too tiny! Keep reading to see where how Nicole and I are will be eating words instead of crawfish this afternoon!

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Welcome back to my life, hobo!

Here I was, all lovey dovey with my new Jessica Simpson satchel to the point that I was thinking that I should take a break from toting heavy shoulder breaking totes and hobos and give satchels and long strapped handbags a whirl. a wind..or in this case a click of the mouse, I’m wanting to buy this quilted denim hobo from MARC by Marc Jacobs.

Oohh, it has a strap, too! There goes all the dreams and plans to buy nothing but satchels and long strap handbags. Thanks, Marc!

Stay Stylish!

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