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I’m a bit of a creature of habit, but I’m just now honing some the characteristics. Part of being a creature of habit is finding something that works for you and keep it going. For instance, I recently decided that I would now only buy black under garments. I came to this conclusion, because I realize that black goes with everything. Not to mention, I can’t think of many reasons to own frilly baby undies, except for show. Anyway, most habits are created to make your life easier and/or happier, which can also include items. So, when I find an item that I love, I have a tendency to buy it in multiples. For instance, there are plenty of beauty products that I buy in bulk – at least 3 at a time.

Beauty Products I Buy In Bulk | STAINED COUTURE

Ever since I started doing this, I rarely run out of my favorite products. Some of them are bought in bulk, because of fear of them being discontinued. Another reason is because they’re hard to find. Either way, the purchases are not a waste of money and give me one less thing to worry about. To see what beauty products I buy in bulk, keep reading.

Beauty Products I Buy In Bulk:

  • L’oreal Linuer Intense Liquid Liner – I used to buy this liquid eyeliner one at time. However, there was a 6 months time span where I couldn’t find it anywhere. I feel like I checked every Walgreens, Target, and Walmart in the Memphis area. Until one day I spotted 3 of them in Ulta and yes, I got all 3. So, I usually buy at least 2 of these when I see them at Ulta. I have som many points at Ulta, that rarely even have to pay for them or I have a coupon.
  • Benefit Precision Brow Pencil – It’s so good and I never want to be without one ever again. Although they have this new 4-in-1 brow pencil that I’m dying to try, I can not see myself not continuing to buy this pencil. This is the best brow pencil I’ve ever used.
  • Burt’s Bees Lip Balm – The best drugstore lip moisturizer. Better than chapstick and it’s all natural. Not to mention, they have so many scents/flavors. Ya’ll, they have a chai tea lip balm, which seems perfect for fall.
  • Aquaphor – This healing ointment has helped heal split cuticles, cracked heels, and skin blemishes.  So, I buy one in almost every size to scatter around various places of my life.
  • NYX Lip Liners – The coverage is so good. The application is smooth. The color options are vast and perfect. When I find a color that’s the perfect shade for my mood or natural lip color, I buy at least 3.

What’s a beauty product that you buy in bulk and why? Share below.

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