Nightly Skincare Routine for My Feet

For the most part, I’m a very simple girl with very simple routines. Actually, I feel I thrive when I keep things simple. However, I do find myself being “extra” like Guacamole. One thing that I do that might seem a little excessive to most is my nightly skincare routine for my feet. Our feet hold us up and keep us grounded. I don’t know about you, but I’m a lot to hold up or down. So, if anything, I look at this routine as a act of gratitude to my feet. Yeah, that sounds extra.

Nightly Skincare Routine for My Feet | STAINED COUTURE

However, with the right attention to your feet, you can keep your feet looking sandal-ready. Also, taking care of your feet can prolong a bomb pedicure, FYI. Looking to reward your feet or just add some extraness to your daily beauty, keep reading.

Nightly Skincare Routine for My Feet: In The Shower

The first step in my nightly foot care routines starts in the shower. Not only do I wash my feet, but I also use a pumice stone to buff off the dead skin. I use the pumice stone after washing my feet, because the skin is wet and softer to slough away the dead skin.

Nightly Skincare Routine for My Feet: Cuticle Care

After drying and slathering my body from the ankles up, I sit on my bed and prepare to give my feet the night they deserve. First thing I do is apply a Vitamin E enriched cuticle oil to each nail. Nail care is important and starts with cuticle oil. Just a drop will do, which I gently massage into each nail and accompanying toe. Also, at this time, I might push my cuticles back, if needed.

Nightly Skincare Routine for My Feet: Moisturize

My favorite step in my nightly foot care routine is moisturizing my tired dogs. Currently, I’m switching between a foot lotion I got for Christmas from my sister’s BFF, which smells like roses and olive oil. However, when I really want or need extra hydration, I add a couple of drops of olive oil to the foot lotion. Afterwards, I massage the cream and/or oil on my feet for about 5 minutes. It’s so satisfying and gratifying, especially after a long day.

Nightly Skincare Routine for My Feet: Seal and Heal

To seal the deal, I take a small fingertip of Aquaphor, rub it in my hands, and then glide it over my feet. Aqauphor not only seals in the moisture, but it also helps heal any cracked skin such as heels. It’s just another step to help you wake up to soft and smooth feet. Also, to show them off in your favorite sandals.

Do you treat your feet at night? If so, share how below.

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