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Small Everyday Bags for Spring

small everyday bags

I’ve been slowly getting out of my comfort level when it comes to my style. Another element I want to adjust is my everyday handbag selection. Well, I really shouldn’t call it a selection, because its either my brown or black tote. So boring. However, I’ve been looking into other styles and color for a handbag, but mainly I’m looking for a small everyday bag.

I’m not completely sold on the exact look, but I would like a traditional shoulder bag and a neutral color or print. Since spring is coming, neutral and paste colors are on my radar. So, here are some options for smaller everyday bags that I can easily add to most of my everyday looks.

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Small Gold Bags

small gold bags

I spent the majority of my weekend finally realizing that the holiday season is officially upon us. Actually, I received my first holiday party invite of the year. So, I instantly started to flood my mind and Pinterest boards with holiday party outfits inspirations. I’m not quite sure of what I want to wear, but I’m really into small gold bags for this holiday season.

If you know me, you know that I love anything gold, especially gold accessories. Currently, I’m crushing hard on gold purses in different shapes and sizes. What I love most about gold bags is that they can add a quick sprinkle of glam to simple look. A boring LBD outfit can look refreshing and sophisticated when paired with a shiny gold clutch.

To help get you in on reaching for a gold bag this holiday season, check out these small gold bags.

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Grown-Up Womens Wallets

grown-up womens wallets

Last year, I went through a phase of trying to simplify and mainstream some areas of my everyday life. One of the areas that needed some trimming was my wallet. I had this tri-fold very fly and fashionable MCM wallet, but it was too roomy and kinda of bulky. It wasn’t that easy to grab and go, which was my vibe and lifestyle, at that time. So, I sold it on eBay and replaced it with a simple key wallet. Key wallets are great because they allow you carry all your basic necessities of keys, cash, and ID in one quick grab. However, I’ve now outgrown that lowkey lazy life and I’m in the market for a bigger grown-up womens wallets. Man, I’m annoyed that I sold my MCM one. Moving on!

You might be wondering “What’s a grown up wallet, anyway?” Well, my definition is a wallet that has allotted slots for cash, card, coins, and maybe a checkbook holder. Are there people that still carry their checkbook? Hmm? Anyway, some call them continental wallets or trifolds, but they tend to be longer, roomier, and have a compartment for all of your monetary and identification items.

Although you can find affordable and simple wallet anywhere, I would like my next wallet to have some character and personality to it. Fun colors, interesting textures, and functional details are just some of the things I want from my wallet. Luckily, I have found some options that are calling my name and my credit card number.

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Changeable Purse Straps

purse straps

Handbags accessories have been really big over the past year. They have become an easy way to accessorize and customize your purse and bags. First there were those colorful puffs, which I loved and still do. Afterwards, the addition of small coin purses that people attached to outside of their bag for easy access to common needs such as cards and cash became the hot trends. Now, the newest way to accessorize your bag and make it stand out even more is with interchangeable purse straps.

Yes, you can now buy individual purse straps to switch on and off your bags. Actually, some major luxury brands such as Fendi and Valentino have gotten on on this trend and offer some obvioulsy gorgeous purse straps that you can add to any bag of choice. It’s a simple way to revive an older bag or add some character to your simple everyday bag. I love options!

If you love the possibility to create countless other purses with the simple changing of a strap, here are few options for you to consider.

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Obsessing Over Grafea Bags

grafea bags

Have you ever ran pass a brand and instantly become obsessed with every single item they have and decided that you need (at least) one of everything they make? Well, that’s how I felt when I saw Grafea bags. Seriously, I want one of each. Not only that, but I feel like I’ve come down with a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out), because it seems like everyone knew about this brand, but me!

In case you are like me and hadn’t heard about Grafea handbags, here’s a little 411. Grafea is a handbag brand based out of England that, from I can see, makes some pretty freaking amazing leather backpacks and handbags. The quality looks superb and the design and styles of the bags are classic. They do a great job of incorporating fun and bold colors choices with clean and timeless bag silhouettes.

Even though I’ve practically fawned over every single item, including their multiple colors of coordinating bag pompoms, I’m in awe of their backpacks. They are offered in mini and regular sizes, but also are available in different color combos and prints. The Grafea camera bags also look  luxurious and swoon-worthy, in their own right.

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