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Obsessing Over Grafea Bags

grafea bags

Have you ever ran pass a brand and instantly become obsessed with every single item they have and decided that you need (at least) one of everything they make? Well, that’s how I felt when I saw Grafea bags. Seriously, I want one of each. Not only that, but I feel like I’ve come down with a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out), because it seems like everyone knew about this brand, but me!

In case you are like me and hadn’t heard about Grafea handbags, here’s a little 411. Grafea is a handbag brand based out of England that, from I can see, makes some pretty freaking amazing leather backpacks and handbags. The quality looks superb and the design and styles of the bags are classic. They do a great job of incorporating fun and bold colors choices with clean and timeless bag silhouettes.

Even though I’ve practically fawned over every single item, including their multiple colors of coordinating bag pompoms, I’m in awe of their backpacks. They are offered in mini and regular sizes, but also are available in different color combos and prints. The Grafea camera bags also look  luxurious and swoon-worthy, in their own right.

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Camera Bag Purses

camera bag pursesWhen the weather gets warmer and the days get shorter, I start gravitating toward smaller purses and bag. Currently, I’m all about camera bag purses. Apparently, camera bag purses are on the verge of having their moment.

Camera bag purses are designed after professional camera bags used by cameramen and photographers to carry around heavy cameras and equipment. Professional camera bags come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate the various sizes of cameras. However, most camera bag purse come in small, sleek shapes and with a crossbody strap. The design gives you enough room to carry the everyday bare essentials and the ease to throw it on and go. You have to love that!

Since most camera bag purses designs are very clean, they are classic enough to carry through many seasons and years. In case you are interested, I found a couple cute camera bag options that might interest you in joining the camera bag purse posse. I totally just made that posse up. However, I’m down to join if you are!

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BRAND LOVE: Guanabana Handmade Bags

guanabana handmade bags

guanabana handmade bags

It’s has been quite a minute since I’ve done a highlighted a brand, but I couldn’t help myself after becoming obsessed with Guanabana Handmande bags.

I first spotted one Guanabana handmade bags while doing my daily scroll through ShopBop and was instantly floored with the beauty in these handmade, embroidered bags. Their bags are hand-knitted on crochet, which makes each piece unique and unlike any other bag. Guanabana handmade also makes totes, clutches, and bracelets. However, I’m dedicated to the beauty of their wayuu bags.

The wayuu bags are available in small or large and in solid colors or multi color. The bags are also adorned with large, handmade tassels and wide crocheted straps or thick braided handles for easy carrying.

guanabana handmade bags guanabana handmade bags guanabana handmade bags guanabana handmade bags guanabana handmade bags

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Sleek and Chic Fanny Packs

For the past couple of years, fanny packs have been slowly coming back in, dare I say, style.

However, this latest return of fanny packs don’t look much like the neon nylon zippered packs from the late 80s and early 90s. Although you can definitely find the nostalgic neon versions, I’m all about the sleek and less bulky versions with minimal details closures. Plus, the nylon belts with plastic snap to fit around your waist have been replaced with luxe chains or leather belts that allows you to easily slide the fanny pack all around for custom comfort and security.

Fanny packs are great for those moments when you need freedom to move around as you please without the burden and weight of a bag on your shoulders or back. Since Spring is almost here, that means festival season is right behind and fanny packs just scream “Take me to all the festivals!” However, sleek fanny packs can work with any and all situations, including work.

If you’re ready to test out the fanny pack resurgence, I found some classy fanny packs.



Alexander Wang Prism Fanny Pack Faux Leather Fanny Pack –  Loeffler Randall Baby Rider Crossbody/ Fanny Pack  Chloe’ Nano Georgia Fanny Pack

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Saddle Bags for Spring

Spring is almost here and it’s time to start figuring out what “vibe” and look we want to have for the season. Usually, I start with key clothing staples. However, in the spring, I tens to focus more on accessories and colors. Therefore, I’m starting with finding a new saddle bag style bag for spring.

Yes, saddle bags is one of the ‘it’ styles for bags this season. Saddle bags get and share their name and shape from the bags used on horses to carry  supplies.  Like it’s namesake, they are very versatile since they can easily be worn as a shoulder bag and cross body bag.

For spring, look for a saddle bag with a classic shape, but spring appropriate details such as pastel colors, tan leathers, and subtle embellishments.

Spring Saddle Bags:


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