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TREND WATCH: Single Stud Earrings

My favorite trend in jewelry right now are wearing single stud earrings. Yes, another trend we took from men.  However, it cancels out since some men wear earrings in both ears, which is great. Over the past few months, I’ve noticed more jewelry and designers adding single stud earrings to their lines.

singel stud earrings

However, if you’re like me and lost an earring and some single earrings laying around, this trend is for you. Keep reading to find out more about this latest jewelry trend.

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TREND WATCH: Pinky Rings

pinky rings

I’m not into rings as much as I used to be. When I do wear one, I usually wear it on my ring finger (duh!), index finger, or my middle finger. However, I haven’t worn a ring on my pinky since the 90s when gold rings on a every finger was the ultimate status symbol in school. Therefore, I haven’t worn a pinky ring in almost 20 years, but that might change soon.

I’m noticing that pinky rings are starting to become “a thing” again and I’ve been tempted to embrace it. The first image that may pop in your mind is a big, gold gaudy piece of jewelry that your favorite rapper wears on their pinky. Thankfully, the current wave of pinky rings are more on the small and dainty side, which I’m all about.

Actually, all those midi rings you bought a couple of years can be worn as a pinky ring. If you can’t find your midi ring stash, here are some perfect pinky rings to get into.

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BRAND LOVE: Shourouk Jewelry

shourouk jewelry

In the summer, like most people, my jewelry aesthetic is all about fun print, bright colors, and easy pieces. Therefore, I’m super sprung on every piece of Shourouk jewelry that I’ve seen. I’m obsessed!

Shourouk is a jewelry line that masterfully created fun and trendy statement pieces. With a mix of different materials, techniques, and designs, they are almost like miniature pieces of art that you can wear on your body.

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Four Fashion Essentials For Fall 2014


In case you haven’t gotten the hint, I’m super stoked for fall and fall fashion trends. Every season has staple items that should be in your closet and are the four items that every fashionable fall wardrobe needs.


Edgy Denim JacketPlus Size Denim JacketOversized Western Jacket




Lip & Cheek StainGel LinerNail PolishLipstick


Chain NecklaceChain BraceletChain ChokerChain Cuff

Stay Stylish!

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Flower Power Time


How cute and dope is this Flower Power watch by Mr. Jones.?! On the face of this watch a colorful floral shape appears and disappears – the flower aligning and breaking apart. Upon closer inspection the individual petals of the flower resolve into the shape of guns. I love the unexpectedness.

The watch is available in a signed, numbered edition of 100 pieces, priced £145 (approximately US$200 / Euro 175).

Stay Stylish!

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