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My taste in home accessories and fashion accessories seem be similar; classic style, but with an unexpected and/or quirky twist. A classic and clean line clutch, but in a neon color or bold abstract print.

So, when I saw this unique footed bowl and footed vase by Dylan Kendall on, I knew that I wanted them. I thought they would be great conversation pieces to have have in my living room and dining room. However, my sister/roomie said that they looked “too freaky”.

Now, these lovely pieces are now residing my bedroom. I haven’t found a place for the vase, yet. However, the rather large bowl has made a perfect catchall for my daily jewelry.

20140222_092244 20140222_092333

Stay Stylish!

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2014 Trend Alert: Midi Rings!

Picture 12

The midi-ring: a ring that is worn in the middle of your finger, typically above your middle knuckle; will be a trend to keep your eye on in the upcoming year.

We’ve seen celebrities such as Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens and Ciara, wear these simple, yet ornate, rings over the past few years or so.  As the evolution of these tiny baubles progressed we’ve seen them bring a more delicate look to hands, or even a more edgy look, depending on how you place them – or if you prefer spikes!

As 2013 came to a close, these rings seem to popping up more and more, in magazines, on friends, on TV, and have been easier to find in stores.  We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite ones we’ve found online, so you can get in on this fun trend in 2014!

  • Bauble Bar sells this ampersat midi ring for the social media savvy girls
  • Top Shop sells this dainty midi with rhinestones that can give you a classy look if worn along, or can give you a rocker-chic look if you stack it with other midis:
  • I keep hearing the mustache trend has run its course, but I’m not buying it. Instead, I’m buying this!
  • Need a reminder that there’s always hope? Then this is perfect for you

Stay Stylish!

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