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10 Summer Dresses I’m Obsessed With Right Now

Have you heard of the saying “Lazy days of Summer?” For me, my lazy days of summer usually consists of little to no makeup, my hair in a high bun, and casually cute summer dress. Dresses and I have the most fun in the summer, because the help me look together with little effort. So, you will usually see me in one of my summer dresses most days.

10 Summer Dresses I'm Obsessed With Right Now | STAINED COUTURE

Unfortunately, I don’t have as many dresses this summer, which has had me fawning over so many dresses. Probably tens of tens of dresses, but I decided to share my 10 favorite summer dresses, as of now.

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I used to hate Summer. Being hot and sticky while praying that my primer du’jour can keep my makeup from sliding off my face isn’t great. However, I’ve find one high point of summertime; color fun summer accessories. Most summers, I tend to mix and play with different colors and/or patterns. However, this year, I’m all about neon accessories.


Actually, I always break out a pop of neon here and there every summer, because neon is summer. Seriously, if you’ve seen me in person or my feet on IG, then you will notice that I’ve been wearing a fun neon yellow or orange polish. However, this summer, I’ve been vibin’ more with neon pink and neon green accessories. Still looking for the perfect neon green polish.

Check out my favorite neon green and pink finds. Trust me, this list is going to keep growing over the next couple of months.

Pink and Green Neon Accessories

  • Neon Pink Nail Polish Duo – It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been able to find a good neon pink polish that doesn’t take 20 coats to get the perfect hue of fluorescent pink. I have faith in Nails Inc. polish and think that the neon pink in this duo will be amazing. I might pick this up this weekend.
  • Vinyl Visor – I wish my head size would allow me to be a cap person, but thank goodness for visors. This smoke and neon green visor is perfect and super affordable.
  • Fringe Drop Earrings – My love of statement earrings are back for Summer’19 and why not get a pair of flamingo pink fringe drop earrings. Bauble Bar has really been trying to invade my bank account.
  • Translucent Visor Sunglasses – Okay, these visor sunglasses aren’t technically neon, but would look great with some neon pink pieces.
  • Animal Print Heeled Sandals – These shoes make me so mad! They make me mad, because I want both pair. Unfortunately, neither are available in my size and probably won’t be, because Zara rarely restocks.
  • Neon Translucent Crossbody – My favorite neon accessory ever is a neon bag in a simple design. This neon crossbody is also available in neon pink, but I always fancy a neon purse.
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IOTW: Cowrie Shell Necklace

ITEM OF THE WEEK is a weekly series on Stained Couture that highlights a product I’m currently loving. This week: Shashi Cowrie Shell Necklace.

ITEM OF THE WEEK: Shashi Cowrie Shell Necklace | STAINED COUTURE

I’ve been wanting to add more fun and unique jewelry to my life. I still love and want all the clean and simple minimalist jewelry I can collect. However, it’s nice to throw in unique pieces of jewelry in the mix. However, this cowrie shell necklace been one of my favorite pieces I’ve been wearing. Not to mention, I always get compliments on it. Keep reading for all the info about my new favorite piece of jewelry.

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eSTYLIST: Holiday Office Party

It’s that time of the year when you step away form your dwindling inbox and meet the rest of your coworkers for some good company-funded holiday cheer. When dressing for a holiday party, no matter how much fun you plan to have, you still have to mindful that you are at a work event. So, festive, but professional should be the goal. This is the type of even made for your favorite LBD that’s not too short, ladies. Add some glitzy accessories and red lip and you have the perfect office-friendly holiday office party look.

eSTYLIST: Holiday Office Party 2018

One thing to keep in mind when dressing for any office event, either show arms or legs. Also, nothing too low cut in the front nor back. Even though it’s a fun holiday party, it’s still a work event. So, treat it as such. Personally, I tend to show my chunky legs rather than my chunky arms. That’s just me, but if I wasn’t so insecure about my arms, I feel sleeveless would be a better option for work.

Beauty wise, I would do a nice sleek ponytail and minimal makeup. Maybe, just maybe, I would add a smoky eye or bold lip. Since this look features a simple little black dress, I accessorized it with some sequin pumps, a glittery mini clutch, and some oversized black hoops. This look can also work for any New Year Eve parties, as well. Keep reading to get all the details and shopping information about the pieces I featured.

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