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Holographic Bags for Spring

holographic bags

One of the things that I’ve always been mesmerized by is holographic bags. I’m not sure, but my love of holographic bags might stem from my childhood addiction to Gem and the Holograms. I’m talking about the cartoon NOT that horrific real life movie they put out last year, which I’m still salty about.

Anyway, holographic accessories are my favorite way to add some to my adult wardrobe without it being to teen bop or faux futuristic. While doing my usual daily online window shopping, I noticed that there are some pretty amazing holographic purse and bags out there. Is holographic going to be in for spring? If so, I’m in!

Let’s get into these fabulous holographic bags I spotted.

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eSTYLIST: Galentine’s Day GNO 2017

estylist galentine's day outfit 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day! Okay, I completely forgot today was Valentine’s Day until I had to go to the grocery store and the dollar store last night. Last night, all of the parking lots and the Valentine’s Day sections were packed. The checkout lanes consisted of people holding flowers, boxes of chocolates, and covered in a cloud of heart-shaped balloons. I’ll admit, my anxiety was on 100, but I made it out alive.

This year, a couple of girlfriends are in town and we are going to have a small little Galentine’s Day girls night out. We’re just going out for dinner and drinks, because I have an early day tomorrow. My Valentine and I are going to have a Valentine’s Day lunch and then have drinks at his place tonight, which is just my style.

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Small Everyday Bags for Spring

small everyday bags

I’ve been slowly getting out of my comfort level when it comes to my style. Another element I want to adjust is my everyday handbag selection. Well, I really shouldn’t call it a selection, because its either my brown or black tote. So boring. However, I’ve been looking into other styles and color for a handbag, but mainly I’m looking for a small everyday bag.

I’m not completely sold on the exact look, but I would like a traditional shoulder bag and a neutral color or print. Since spring is coming, neutral and paste colors are on my radar. So, here are some options for smaller everyday bags that I can easily add to most of my everyday looks.

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TREND WATCH: Pinky Rings

pinky rings

I’m not into rings as much as I used to be. When I do wear one, I usually wear it on my ring finger (duh!), index finger, or my middle finger. However, I haven’t worn a ring on my pinky since the 90s when gold rings on a every finger was the ultimate status symbol in school. Therefore, I haven’t worn a pinky ring in almost 20 years, but that might change soon.

I’m noticing that pinky rings are starting to become “a thing” again and I’ve been tempted to embrace it. The first image that may pop in your mind is a big, gold gaudy piece of jewelry that your favorite rapper wears on their pinky. Thankfully, the current wave of pinky rings are more on the small and dainty side, which I’m all about.

Actually, all those midi rings you bought a couple of years can be worn as a pinky ring. If you can’t find your midi ring stash, here are some perfect pinky rings to get into.

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My Style Challenges for 2017

style challenges 2017 stained couture

Every year, I try to find new ways to challenge myself in various areas of my life. Last year, I challenged myself to go vegan for a while and I also worked on diligence. In the end, I’ve learned more about healthy eating and I’m getting better at committing. Small steps.

Well, for 2017, I decided to have a little fun with my challenges for this year and challenge my style. Over the past couple of years, my style and has gone from casual chic to colorless comfort. I used to crave shopping for cute tops and structured bottoms, but then I started bulking buying leggings and grey tees. Sounds horribly boring, right? Well, it has gotten worst over the past couple of months.

The only clothing I’ve bought over the past couple of months are sweats and I’m not talking about those thin, colorful ones that are practically form-fitting for women. No, I’m talking about those baggy Hanes sweats that you can find in a box in the men’s section of Wal-Mart. Well, I found mine at Wal-Mart, but I’m sure you can find them at other places. Also, my color choices? Black and 2 shades of grey (light and dark). Boring.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and act like I haven’t worn at least one of those items every week. I practically live in them, because I can’t deny all that comfort. However, I’m starting to annoyed with my style and want brush it up. So, I’ve come up with three things that I plan to do in 2017 to add some more style to my life and wardrobe.

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