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TREND WATCH: Single Stud Earrings

My favorite trend in jewelry right now are wearing single stud earrings. Yes, another trend we took from men.  However, it cancels out since some men wear earrings in both ears, which is great. Over the past few months, I’ve noticed more jewelry and designers adding single stud earrings to their lines.

singel stud earrings

However, if you’re like me and lost an earring and some single earrings laying around, this trend is for you. Keep reading to find out more about this latest jewelry trend.

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Cute Plus Size Athletic Wear

I’ve been some form of “plus-size” all my life. However, a few years ago, I finally learned to move more. I even had a trainer for awhile. Although I still don’t workout as much as I should, but I’ve worked out more in the past few years more than I did in the previous 30. Sad. What’s even sadder than that were the plus size workout clothes. They were usually boring, unexciting, and ill fitting. Pretty much dull sweat suits and black spandex pants. Boring. Thankfully, times have changed and now you can actually cute plus size athletic wear.

plus size athletic wear

When the weather starts getting a little warmer and inviting, my desire to get out and get moving increases. Although I wish I had this desire all the time, it’s been intense this year. So, I’ve shopping for new athletic gear that I can wear comfortable and look cute while I attempt to melt some weight off. During this process, I’ve discovered some brands that make some pretty stylish and accessible workout clothing in plus sizes. When I say “stylish”, I mean really stylish!

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Shoes From Zara That I Want Right Now

One of the things I do when I’m bored is browse shoes from Zara. Zara shoes are breath-taking for multiple reasons. The main reason I love them is because they are unique, well-designed, and affordable AF! If those aren’t good enough reasons, I don’t know what to tell you.

shoes from zara I want 04 2017

At most times, there are usually 10-15 different shoes on Zara’s website that I stalk. Unfortunately, when me and my budget decide it’s the perfect time to buy, my size is usually sold out. Once your size is sold out on Zara, it’s safe to assume you won’t be buying that shoe anytime soon. Although I might be shooting myself in the foot, I decided to share the shoes from Zara that I’m currently crushing on that are still available in my size. Ugh.

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Small Bag Essentials for Everyday

For the past couple of months, I’ve been on this kick of trying new ways to challenge myself. For the majority of the time, I’ve just been challenging my eating habits and shopping habits. However, after I posted about small everyday bags, I knew I wanted to try it the small everyday bag life. Although it was a challenge to downsize from large tote to tiny crossbody, I figured it out. In the process, it allowed me to really assess what were my everyday needs. Therefore, I was able to narrow down my list of small bag essentials for everyday.

small bag essentials for everyday

Receipts and empty gum and straw wrappers mostly filled up my everyday tote bag. After realizing that I pretty much carry a well-made leather trash bag everyday, I sorted out my basic everyday essentials. Keep reading to see my basic basics.

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Platform Oxfords from Shellys London

Every now and then, I will come across an item that I instantly fall over and want it in every color. That’s exactly what happened when I found Shellys London platform oxfords and I’m in love!

shelly london emma platform oxfords

Shellys London is an overseas brand with fun and trendy shoes that range from simple everyday shoes to statement shoes. Their oxfords called Emma have stolen my heart and potentially some of my money.

Shellys London Emmas come in various colors, prints, and textures. However, the pairs with the prints and texture are so fascinating. The snakeskin pair is great neutral option and the shiny silver pair would kill a cute spring suit.

To find out where you can buy the Emma oxfords or see the other styles, visit

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