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Dressing Up My Crystal Light Green Tea with Raspberry!

Crystal Light’s On the Go packets give you the ease of a delicious and healthy alternative to soda with the same ease and convenience. They offer a variety of flavors to help keep you happy and hydrated all summer!

For the past week now, I’ve been shoving soda to side and instead, reaching for a Crystal Light’s Green Tea Raspberry on the go. As a lifelong Southerner, nothing screams summer like a glass of ice tea in a mason jar. So, I dusted off these jars that I’ve had nestled in my cabinets and fixed me a glass of Green Tea Raspberry splashed and garnished with lemon and lime. Let me say that the Green Tea Raspberry tea ALONE is amazing, but sometimes you have to switch it up and this combination has been my addiction to unwind after work and I do see me shaking this monkey off my back anytime soon!

So, if you are looking for a quick, healthy and delicious alternative to soda, you should definitely check out Crystal Light’s On The Go mix packets. I recommend the raspberry green tea. AMAZING!

Stay Stylish

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A Couple Needs. A Few Wants. Too Many Options!

Okay, dilemma! I need a couple of things for around my apartment (i.e: new vacuum and new coffee table). However, there are so many things that I’ve been lusting after and all of the things I need and want are on

CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find everything from contemporary coffee tables to practically every brand of vacuum cleaner you could want! However, aside from my needs, they also have a vast selection of items from this one home decor line that I’ve been stalking for months; Alessi. Hardcore lust for this italian company!

Okay, a smart decision would be to go ahead and buy a nice and affordable vacuum or simple contemporary coffee table. Unfortunately, my head is leaning toward one of Alessi Mediterraneo Household Accessories Set that would look AWESOME to hold my brushes.

Oy vey! What to do, what to do! I’ll let you know soon.

Stay Stylish!

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Whimsical Jewelry Organizing

I’m usually an organized person with everything being in it’s spot. However, that was not the case when it came to my jewelry. I just let it clump and pile on  my dresser. Cheap intermingling with pricey, favorites pieces nestled with a pile of earrings mixing their backings. It was just a pure mess, but now that it is in the past thanks to these whimsical and affordable jewelry stands I bought at Urban Outfitters.

Keep reading to see before and after pics!

All the junk and crappy jewelry that didn't make the final cup. Screws?

Interested in either of these jewelry stands. Well, click here and here to purchase!

Stay Stylish!

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Summer-zing My Place

It’s the first day summer and I spent practically my entire weekend indoors to spruce up my place for summer, but mainly to avoid the heat index of 105! I cleaned and applied fragrant items throughout my apartment. So, here are a few pics I snapped that shows some of the things that I love in the summer. Keep reading to see the pics.

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Floral Fixings

I’ve finally decided that I want my kitchen to have a floral motif! The kitchen in my apartment has dark wood cabinets and this plain boring tan counters. BLEH. However, my lease clearly states that I can’t do anything about that, but I can accessorize it with pretty floral accessories and designs, like these petal measuring spoons and measuring cups from Anthropologie. They will compliment my Liberty of London canisters muy perfecto!

Stay Stylish!

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