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Review: Conair Infiniti Pro Blowdryer

Recently, Conair sent me their Infinite Pro Salon Performance AC Styling Tool to test and review. After using it a few times by now, I’m ready to give my HONEST review. So keep reading to see what I thought about this blow dryer.

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When it comes to washing my thick, long, and super curly hair, I tend to let it air dry before I break out the flatiron. The less heat on my hair, the better. However, in the winter, I tend to semi dry my hair with a blow dryer and then flatiron. I’m not a fan of this method nor am I fan of catching a cold because I’m walking around with wet hair in cold air.

So, this was the perfect time for me to try a out this blow dryer. The Infiniti Pro Styling tool boasts 1875 watt AC motor which is the same motor typically designed and used in salons, while being 15% lighter than most AC motor blow dryers.

Basically, if you are looking for a salon quality blow dryer at an affordable price, then I suggest you get this one. It features 3 heat/ 2 speed switches for you to control the heat and airflow. It also comes with 2 attachments that are perfect for control the airflow when trying to blow dry your hair straight. The attachments, by the way, are super durable and pop right in. However, the one thing that I wish this blowdryer came with was a diffuser attachment for curly hair. Luckily, my diffuser slides right on, but it would be nice to have one that pops for extra stability like the attachments included.

All in all, I’m so happy to have this new and awesome blowdryer! FYI, my favorite curling iron is a Conair Infiniti ceramic curler(that I bought a couple of years ago) and I love it hardcore. So, I should have known that I would have a fancy for this blowdryer.

Stay Stylish!

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Review: My Clean & Clear skin care regimen

Every skin care line has a three-step skincare regimen that usually includes a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Although, I believe that Clean & Clear has a three-step skincare kit, I decided to “create” my own using different products from Clean & Clear.

So, keep reading to read my review and what frustrated me to try something new.

About a month ago, after being a hardcore believer that Cetaphil was the cleanser for me and my acne prone combo skin, my skin did not feel clean after using it. Maybe it was my oil skin, but I started to want to rework my skin care regimen

The Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser is  a cream cleanser which I thought would work for my slowly drying skin.

The Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning astringent for sensitive skin has salicylic acid which I thought would be good for my sensitive acne skin.

Finally, the Clean & Clear Dual Action moisturizer combines oil-free moisture for oily skin and salicylic acid to prevent breakouts which tends to follow oily skin like mine.

The first item I bought was the moisturizer a couple of months ago when it was still too hot outside for my skin to be anything BUT oily. I bought this to lightly moisturize my skin while preventing breakouts and it did. Well, it did until the weather calmed as well as the oiliness of my skin. After that, my skin just laughed at me thinking that this moisturizer could do anything for my drying skin.

The next item I bought a couple of weeks after the moisturizer was the astringent. I wanted to try something a little stronger than the witch hazel I’d been using for months. Although I try to only use one item in my skin regimen with salicylic acid to avoid overdrying of the skin, I thought this wouldn’t be too bad because it’s for sensitive skin.

This astringent was a little strong for a sensitive formula and it helped in the drying of my skin, oily and normal skin. So, I was  not feeling this. AT. ALL.

The final thing I bought a couple of weeks ago is the cream cleanser, because  Cetaphil and I needed a break. This cleanser is creamy and gentle and did a fairly decent job cleaning my skin without leaving any residue.


  • The moisturizer was good for my skin when it was oily. So, I might buy this again in the spring and summer when my skin is at its oiliest. Grade: B+
  • The astringent was too harsh, especially for sensitive skin and I didn’t notice any difference except that it made my skin feel super tight and dry, even when it was oily. Grade: D-
  • The cleanser was nice, but not for me. It did a fairly good job washing my face and was refreshing. However, I would have preferred it better if would lather or foam. Grade: B

Stay Stylish!

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Beyond The Rack + $10 Shopping Credit

If you follow me on this site or Twitter, then you can probably recall numerous times that I’ve scored numerous items from sample and sale sites.

You  might also know that my next major item I plan to buy  is a Michael Kors watch. So, tomorrow, I plan to be on Beyond The Rack’s site for their Michael Kors watch sale! Yippee!

Keep reading to find out why you should sign up for Beyond the Rack and how you can get $10 credit just for signing up!

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