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HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2017: for Creative Children

I mentioned in my holiday gift guide 2017 for men, that I have the hardest time picking out gifts for men. After men, children can be the hardest to shop for, in my opinion. It can be hard trying not to buy a gift that the parent already bought. Also, trying to find that’s a little outside the box can be difficult, too. Thankfully, I only have a couple of kids to shop for this year. However, they all seem to be very creative and love to explore new things. So, this gift guide is dedicated to gifts for fun and creative kids.

Holiday Gift Guide for Creative Kids

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2017: for Creative Children

  1. Nugget furniture – Nugget furniture is easy and functional to let you rearrange to create infinite seating options.
  2. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 – A smartwatch for kids that gives the ability to play games, take pictures, and countless other fun stuff from the comforts of their wrist.
  3. Intro to Chemistry Set – This the perfect gift for the kids that loves science and wonder what makes things go “boom”.
  4. Indoor Food Truck Playhouse – I love these little indoor playhouses, including this one that let’s kids play run their own food truck.
  5. My First Coding Book – Coding is the wave that I encourage all kids to get on board. This my first coding book would make a great gift for the kid always on the computer.
  6. Confetti Musical Set – This set comes with simple musical instruments for the musically inclined child on your list. Plus, it’s super cute!
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HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2017 : for Handsome

One of the hardest people I have to shop for all year, every year are the men in my life. It used to be time when shopping for men used to be easy; a tie or tools. However, men’s lifestyles have pleasantly evolved over the years. Now, men have traded in the boring tie and tools for leather goods and skincare and hair care products. Needless to say, I’m here for all of it. If you have a guy on your shopping list that takes value in curating a stylish lifestyle, then this holiday gift guide 2017 might help you find that right item for handsome.

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 For Him


HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2017: For Handsome

  1. Bespoke Post Churchill Box – One of the new waves for gift giving are subscription boxes. They are easy and there one out there for everyone. Bespoke Post has a selection of individually curated boxes for the various lifestyles of men. The Churchill box is ideal for the person in your life that enjoys a good cigar. It comes with 4 limited edition cigars, a reclaimed wood ashtray/ candle holder, a masculine candle, and cigar cutter. All the essentials for him to relax after a long day.
  2. Harry’s Winston Set – My brother put me on to Harry’s last year and I spread the awesomeness that is Harry’s to everyone I know. The Winston gift set is very chic, because it comes with a metal razor, blades, shaving cream or gel, and travel case for the blades. Harry’s is also a subscription box, but you can also buy it at Target.
  3. Tissot Tradition Watch – You can never go wrong with gifting a classic and well-made watch. The Tissot Tradition watch is the perfect mix of everyday style, but with a touch of sexiness.
  4. Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit – Men love their beards and I bet they would also love to receive a beard grooming kit, like this one from Jack Black. This kit contains all the essentials to perfectly groom and maintain that bountiful or budding beard.
  5. Trifold Wrap Leather Wallet – Another easy gift to give is wallet, but add some thought by buying a nice leather wallet like this one from Saddleback Leather Co. It’s available in a few shades and it’s a timeless piece.
  6. Tom Dixon Alloy Candle – Who says that men don’t love candles? I know a handful of men who do, but prefer more “tougher” smelling one. Tom Dixon Ally Candle looks tough with it’s steel, mechanical shape, but the scent is clean and sharp. I love this candle, myself.
  7. UGG Ascot Slippers – I want a pair of UGG slippers for Christmas, because they super soft and comfy. I’m sure any man would love to get these leather beauts under their tree.
  8. The Tie Bar Large Style Box – Ties might be the oldest gift to give a man, but they are still much appreciated. The Tie Bar created a few style boxes that features ties, socks, and  handkerchiefs that you can mix around and style with each other. I love this blue option, but they offer other color and style options.
  9. HIMS Complete Hair Kit – For every man that’s out their embracing their bald heads, there’s another man out there wanting to grow is hair out of back. HIMS offers a selection of different products for men to take to promote hair growth, including the HIMS Complete Hair Kit. This beginners’ kit features vitamins and shampoos to help men thicken and grow their hair.
  10. Ray-Ban Gunmetal Wayfarer – These unisex gunmetal Ray-Ban sunglasses are sleek and classic. Plus, you can wear them, too! 😉
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ShopBop Sale Going On NOW!

Yesterday, Shopbop started one of their massively insane sales and about half of the items I wanted are already gone. So, in case you haven’t checked it out or haven’t bought the things on your list, HURRY UP NOW!

Shopbop Sale Fall 2017

Now that fall is here, I suggest you use this sale to help plump up the awesome fall wardrobe we all deserve. Okay, ladies, let’s get in formation and hit this sale HARD. All the details of the Shopbop 3-Day sale are below. Happy Shopping!



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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wants

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the big sales that people wait for all year. Actually, I bought my first Michael Kors oversized watch from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Well, the sale is being opened tomorrow to the public after being only exclusive to Nordstrom card carriers for the past week.

2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wants

During my breakfast this morning, I took a look at the items that are left. Luckily, there’s still some good stuff available at great prices. So, here are must-have items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Keep reading to see my picks.

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What I Need From Target Right Now

In yesterday’s newsletter, I shared some of my favorite ways I shop at Target without going broke. Target, one of the happiest places on earth, can be a tricky place for you and you wallet to end up. However, it’s one of those places that you find yourself needing to go to frequently, because there are always things you need from Target.

things I need from Target right now

Personally, I used to find myself in Target 1-2 times a week, which doesn’t sound that bad. However, when you mysteriously spend $100+ each trip when you only needed about 2% of the things you bought, it can get very problematic. Eventually, I was able to cut those 1-2 times a week Target runs to 1-2 times a month. Once I stuck to those tips I shared in yesterday’s newsletter, I no longer spent over $200 a month on stuff I didn’t need. However, at this moment, there are a few things that I need from Target. Keep reading to see what and why I need these things.

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