HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2018: Books for Everyone

Stained Couture’s HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2018 featuring a selection of BOOKS for everyone on your list.

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One of my favorite things to receive and give are books. Books can be very personal and thoughtful gifts when you actually think about the person you have in mind. However, finding the right book for the right persona can be a challenge. So, I’ve created a list of books recently released that may be the thoughtful you have in mind for someone on your list. Keep reading to see the options.

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2018: Books For Everyone

BOOKS FOR EVERYONE: In Focus Meditation Book

I’ve been dabbling in meditation for a couple of year and I recommend anyone who is into having a peace of mind to try it. If you have someone on your list into having peaceful and calm mood, they might enjoy this In Focus Mediation book. This book covers the history of meditation, different techniques, and much to help destress from everyday life. This book also comes with mediation reference cards with quick and easy mediation exercises. I have this book and I keep it by my bed to help me meditate before bed. No matter if I have 60 minutes or 60 seconds, I can find a technique.

BOOKS FOR EVERYONE: All The Women In My Family Sing book

Any woman on your list that loves to read will love and appreciate All The Women In My Family which an empowering collection of poems and short stories by women of color. I’ve been slowly marinating my soul in this book for the past few days and I’m almost done. It’s been such a fulfilling and uplifting book to read. In a world where all women, especially women or color, are having to fight for the basic right of respect, this book is needed.


A couple of years ago, there was a surge in coloring books for adults and I was all about it…at the time. Now, the next wave if paint by stickers book. They’re just as fun and relaxing as coloring books, except they don’t require you to carry around boxes of colored pencils. Any cat lover and/or crafty person on your list might purr with delight at this Paint By Sticker: Cats book. This book features 12 full-color portraits of cute, adorable cats. Such calming activity to do after a long day.

BOOKS FOR EVERYONE: 50 Ways to Draw Your Beautiful, Ordinary Life | STAINED COUTURE

Another good books for creatives, young and old, is 50 Ways To Draw Your Beautiful, Ordinary Life. This book is so beautifully made and filled with 50 different activities with step-by-step instructions to teach you how to draw beautiful, ordinary things in everyday life. Also, there’s plenty of paper goods to use, such as daily drawing pad, paper doll fashion sketchbook, and DIY postcards. So fun!

BOOKS FOR EVERYONE: Strong Is The New Pretty Guided Journal | STAINED COUTURE

One of my new favorite things to gift people are journals, especially guided journals and to preteen and teenage girls. A good journal for any teenage young ladies on your list is this Strong Is The New Pretty: A Guided Journal for Girls. Like most guided journals,  each page features an inspiring, interactive prompt that encourages writing, doodling, and creative self-expression. Examples include drawing yourself as a superhero and writing down 3 things that make you unique.


The influx of kids learning and loving to cook is so interesting. For budding mini cook on your list, Kid Chef Junior: My First Kids Cookbook is an instant winner. Filled with simple, yummy recipes, this book is a definite winner for kids of all ages.

Have a book suggestion that will make a great gift? Share below.

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