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Although I’ve been natural for almost 10 years now, I wear my hair straight most of the time. However, I mentioned last week that I’ve been trying to embrace¬† and wear my natural curls more. This new path of loving of my curls has helped me discover and try different products designed for naturally curly hair. One product that I recently tried was Design Essentials Natural Honey & Shea Edge Tamer to help tame my hairline.

I’ll admit that I have a love/hate relationship with most edge controllers. Most of the edge controllers I’ve used in the past did an amazing job on smoothing my edges, but the residue was horrible. The residue would dry my hair out and build up to white residue that I could only remove by shampooing my hair. I gave up on ever finding a edge controller that would work for me until this edge tamer was recommended to me.

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My friend and hair colorist suggested that I try the Design Essentials Edge Tamer, because it was designed for curly and tightly coiled hair like mine. When looking for edge control for natural hair,  look for one water based and contains hydrating ingredients. This DE edge tamer slicks and holds the edges in place all day without flaking or hiding your curls.

To use, apply this edge tamer the same as others, apply along your hairline. Trust me, a little goes a long way. Once applied to your hairline, use a the back of a comb or brush to smooth down your hair. Your edges will remain hydrated, soft, and in tact all day. Also, use a little bit on your ends to help control and define your curls throughout the day. We all have those pesky curls that don’t want to get and stay in formation.

You can buy this tamer on www.DesignEssentials.com, and select Target locations.




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