Mindful Habits I’m Trying To Create

The act of mindfulness has been a buzz word for the past couple of years. Personally, I’ve been trying to be more mindful of various aspects of my life. In my opinion, mindfulness is an action that should be continuous and part of the everyday life. Although I go back and forth with trying to be more mindful in different areas, there are daily and weekly mindful habits that I’m wanting to add to my life.

Creating Mindul Habits

Being mindful about creating and adhering to new habits is on my to-do list this year. Keep reading to see what mindful habits I’m looking to create in my life.

Mindful Habit: Weekly Decluttering

I’ve mentioned plenty of times why and how I declutter, but not how much I would like to make this a weekly habit. There are plenty of spaces in my life that can always stand a good decluttering, such as my car and my phone. The amount of screenshots and memes in my photo gallery alone could tie up a Sunday afternoon. Therefore, I feel that weekly decluttering sessions will help me out.

Mindful Habit: Clean As I Go

As obsessed with decluttering as I am, I wish I was equally obsessed with cleaning. When I was a little girl and Full House was the star of my Friday nights, I was low-key obsessed with Danny Tanner’s compulsive need to clean. The man actually was washing his yellow cleaning gloves.

Continuously cleaning up after myself has always been assigned to Saturday mornings after 2 cups of coffee. Going to bed in a spotless house always seemed impossible with my hectic schedule that works better with my “early to bed, early to rise” routine. Yet, I know that I can find 30 minutes in my evening to make sure everything is clean and in it’s place.

Mindful Habit: Everything Has A Place

Speaking of putting everything in it’s place; everything needs a place. If anything in your space doesn’t have a set place, more than likely, it shouldn’t be in your space. These items lead to clutter and a little bit of hoarding, as well. Over the course of the last couple of weeks, I’ve been very diligent in finding places for everything and ridding myself of the things that don’t have a place. It’s actually been very therapeutic.

Mindful Habit: Daily Movement

I feel like dedicating 15-30 minutes a day to a physical activity is easier than I tell myself. I have bouts of being active for days and then expectantly get tossed off course. Once I’m off course, it’s hard for me to get back and it sucks. Currently, I’m waiting for this new gym to finally open up that’s on my route to and from work. After that opens up, I think seeing it everyday will slap me in the face when I try to think of a reason to not go. I may even get personal trainer. Eh. Who knows.

In the meantime, if I can just do some quick 15 minute workouts in the morning, I’ll feel accomplished. This is actually the mindful habit I want to create the most.

Are there any mindful habits that you’re looking to create? Share them below.

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