REVIEW: Mary Kay Lip Kit in Cherry

Every now and then, I like to step out of my neutral, everyday makeup and make a statement. Usually, that statement is made with a bold and/or bright lip. Recently, the bright lip I’ve been reaching for is the Mary Kay Lip Kit in Cherry – a true, cherry red.


However, this isn’t your normal lip kits, which usually contain a liquid lipstick and matching lip pencil. Oh no, this is not your little sister’s IG crazed lip kit! What makes this lip kit different is that it’s formulated to stay on all day – waterproof and smudge proof. Interesting, right? However, does it actually not smudge and stay on all day? Well, keep reading to find out.

Ever since I received this for Christmas, I’ve been wearing to test it and give a full review. First, let’s get into the basics about this new offering from Mary Kay. The lip kits come with a color lip lacquer, lacquer sealer, and lacquer eraser. You apply the lacquer, let it dry with your lips open, not touching. I will say that it dries pretty quick. I let it dry while applying my mascara.

Once the lacquer dries, apply the sealer – makes the lacquer instantly go from matte to glossy. Not only does this make you lips look super glossy, but this is what seals the color and prevent it from smearing. This sealer works instantly! As soon as I applied, I couldn’t wait to test and gently swiped an outer corner – no smear. So, I did a larger, more aggressive swipe – still no smear. Plus, my lips were still glossy. Also, you might be glad to know that if you aren’t into super glossy lips, you can wipe a little of the sealer off with your finger. Don’t worry – still won’t smear.

My mind was blown for the next few hours at the fact that this lipstick looked just as good as it did when I applied it that morning. Nothing caused this lipstick to shift – not multiple sips of coffer or a bites of an apple. It appeared that this lipstick was going to be my ride or die for the rest of the day. Well, this was before lunch. I found the one thing that could cause my glossy red lips to disappear – oil. At lunch, I had a greasy cheeseburger for lunch (I had a rough morning. I deserved), which caused the lipstick to fade 90% away.

No matter how smudge-proof or waterproof makeup claims to be, it will usually melt away with the smallest drops of an oil. Actually, the lip lacquer that comes with this kit is a lightweight oil – it comes a lip gloss bottle with a doe foot for easy application. So, the oil from delicious cheeseburger ran havoc on my lips, but it was a lesson learn.

The only other con I would give this lip stick is that it did my make my lips feel and look drier throughout the day. However, not crusty, cracked dry. So, that’s good. In the end, I totally love this Mary Kay lip kit in other shades. Currently, they are only available in 3 colors – Cherry (a true red), Shine (a deep plum) and Rose (a deep mauve). I want all three!

Would you try the Mary Kay Lip Kit?

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