EMPTIES: September 2020

EMPTIES: September 2020


Last month, after months of dodging it, I finally caught maskne. So, most of the products I used up were skincare products. The first product on the list is Acne Free Oil-Free Acne Cleanser, which is a gentle face wash for acne skin. It contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, which helps fight and prevent acne. This face wash is not drying at all and it contains ceramides that creates a barrier to helps retain the skin’s moisture. I would and probably will buy this again, because I have to keep an acne wash in my skincare arsenal.

The next product I used up is an OG product for acne, but finally using it up is bittersweet. More on that later. The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is the first product that I heard could get rid of cystic acne. The Drying Lotion is a spot treatment to help dry up blemishes overnight. Although they don’t say it, I would only recommend you use this on cystic acne – NOT minor pimples and blemishes. The reason being is because this contains ingredients that are very drying – Salicylic Acid, Sulfur, and Zinc Oxide. So I would stick to other spot treatments for acne that’s not inflamed nor cystic. I no longer suffer from cystic acne and hopefully will never need to buy this again.

Speaking of harsh ingredients, for the sake of my skin, I’ve been trying them in certain products. One of these products is toners. Toners are supposed to prep and keep your skin hydrated for serums. So, I made the switch to hydrating toners and the first one up was Mamonde Rose Water toner. Rose water is known to hydrate the skin and this toner does just that and then some. My skin instantly felt hydrated, nourished, and soft. Eventually, I would like to learn how to make my own rose water toner, but I will buy this again until that happens.

Let’s stick with roses and talk about Hard Candy’s Rose Drench Face Spray. This rose water spray can be used as a toner, setting spray, and makeup refresher. Surprisingly, I really loved this spray, because it was hydrating (has hyaluronic acid!) and affordable at less that $6. I plan to buy this again, because I refuse to spend more than that on some rose water anything ever again. However, it’s part of their Marilyn Monroe collection, which I hope isn’t limited.

Every now and then you are introduced to a product that sneaks up on you and blows your mind. The product that recently did that for me is Smouve Skin’s Beauty Sealant. I used this sealant every night to help seal my skin at night and wake up to smooth, glowy skin. When I tell you that I used every drop that I could – I did. When my skin experience some breakouts from breakouts, this is the only product I used after cleanser and toner to moisturize my face. I’m currently waiting for it to be back in stock, as should you. I’m getting 2 bottles next time. Yep, it’s that good!

I’m always down for trying a dry shampoo, even if they are do the same thing but smell different. This dry shampoo from Not Your Mother’s a typical dry shampoo that I used to absorb excess oil and drag me and my hair to wash day. Did the job and it smells like coconut. I would buy it again, if needed.

When it comes to at-home manicures, a professional top coat can make it look salon quality. So, I never have a problem spending a little extra money on base coats and top coats. One of my new favorite top coats is CND Weekly Long Wear Top Coat. It has made $3 nail polish look like a $50 gel manicure and without the need for a LED lamp. Initially, I got this bottle in the clearance aisle of a Walgreens for $2. However, it was so good that I just bought a new bottle from Ulta for full price. It was the only thing I went for that day, too.

I love a good CBD beauty or skincare product and this CBD balm from HempFusion was amazing! I mostly used this at night on my hands and feet, because it helps to soothe and relax. Since it also acted as a pretty good skin barrier, I need to get another jar for the cold months coming.

Occasionally, I share a skincare product or type of skincare product that I think everyone needs. One product that I think everyone needs is skin repair cream, especially if your skin get irritated frequently. For the past few years, my go-to has been Aquaphor, but it can feel heavy. So, I decided to try BIODERMA Repair cream as a lighter alternative. The great thing about this cream is that it’s formulated to help heal dry, irritated skin. Plus, it contains a number of active ingredients to protect the skin and Antalgicine to help reduce discomfort and the urge to scratch. Since it is a cream, it absorbs into the skin, which I appreciated. Yes, I will be buying this again.

The final product I “used” up is bittersweet – it’s Urban Decay’s Brow Blade in Cafe Kitty. You might remember me sharing this eyebrow pen and pencil a few months ago as an Item of the Week. Well, the sparks quickly fade, because the top wouldn’t stay on after 3 weeks. Therefore, the ink dried and I was left disappointed. I will not buy this again. I was mainly into it due to the ink tip end and I hear that Anastatia of Beverly Hills has a ink brow pencil now, too. So, I might give that a try next.

Have you tried any of the products in my September Empties post? Share below!

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