eSTYLIST: Hey, Spring 2019

eSTYLIST post to welcome Spring 2019!


Spring is here…finally! Not only is Spring here, but I also think that Spring weather is here, too. Well, there it was about 30 degree yesterday, but it eventually warmed up into a warm, sunny day in the mid-60s. It was beautiful!

When Spring finally hits, I usually break out all the floral prints and pastel colors. However, the other style I break out is neutral and natural colors and textures, which is what I’m into this season. I’ve buying a lot of natural colors and textures such as olive, tans, and raffia straw accessories. Therefore, this eStylist post for Spring 2019 contains all the styles and details that I’ve loving for spring.

eSTYLIST: Hey Spring 2019


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