Creating an Extra AF Shower Routine

I love taking a nice, perfectly warm shower, no matter the time of day. In the morning, I  use my shower time to refresh and clear my mind for the upcoming day. However, when I take a shower at night, I use it rest my mind and body and to help me slip into slumber easier. For most people, taking a shower is just a daily routine to clean their body. However, for me, I use my shower routine to elevate and transform a daily activity to an extra AF experience.

Creating An Extra AF Shower Routine | STAINED COUTURE

Wonder how an ordinary, usually simple woman makes a daily hygiene task slightly over the top? Keep reading to find out how.

Extra AF Shower Routine: Get Lit!

Finding any reason to light a candle makes me happy. Lighting a candle to bathe makes so much sense to me, but not any candle will do. For me, the right candle depends on the time of day and the mood I’m in or aspiring to create. For example, my morning candles are usually citrus-scented, which helps me wake up and alert. Currently, I’ve been taking my morning shower with the Energy candle from Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy line. The scent is infused with orange and ginger essential oils, which instantly makes me feel like I can take on the day.

At night, I’m quick to light my Nest candle in Cedar Leaf and Lavender. It’s smells so good; very soothing and comforting, but I’m almost out. However, I might just buy this again, because I love it so much.

Extra AF Shower Routine: Sound On!

Growing up, my brother used to take his boombox (We’re old.) into the bathroom to listen to music while he showers. Actually, I briefly lived with him and my sister-in-law a few years ago and he was still doing it then, as well. So, I guess it’s his thing.

At night, I rarely listen to music when I shower. If I do, it’s usually 90s R&B, which helps create a chill vibe. In the morning, I mainly listen to podcasts or NPR to catch me up with what’s going on outside my front door. It took me a while to get into having background noise while I shower, but this really helps my psyche and mental state.

Extra AF Shower Routine: Prep Time

Oh how I miss those days when I would undress and hop in the shower. Now, I have steps before I step one pedicured toe in my shower. First of all, I have to put a shower cap on. I rarely wash my hair in the shower and even the slightest steam, mist, or water will make my hair curl up and frizz out. So, a shower cap is must.

A couple of times a week, especially when my skin in feeling dry, I brush my body with dry body brush. This might be the most “extra” thing I do, but it makes my skin feel smoother and preps for loofah time. If I notice that I need to do some “landscaping”, I put on my hair remover before getting in the shower. I’m currently using Nair Shower Argan Oil Shower Power Hair Removal lotion, which you have to apply before the shower. So, use the sponge that comes with it to slather thin layers of it over my body. Thankfully, it doesn’t smell too bad. *insert praise hands*

Extra AF Shower Routine: Cleanse Up

As soon as I get it the shower, I use the other side of same sponge I applied the hair remover to remove it. This hair remover is ideal for thick, course hair (a.k.a my hair) and it removes the hair pretty effectively. Once done, it’s time to move on to the main event; cleaning my body.

Like my face, I also double cleanse by body. First, I use a regular degular bar of Dial Antibacterial soap, which is the g.o.a.t of bar soaps. I’ve even been know to use it to wash my face, which makes most dermatologist cringe. However, I use it on my body to wash away any germs and bacterial that might be trying to set up shop. Not here, dear. Next, I move on to body wash, which is my favorite step. I live for a good thick and creamy body wash, because 1.) my dry skin loves them and 2.) they feel so luxurious when they get sudsy and when it rinses on. I’ve been using this moisture rich one from Dove, but I’ve yet to me a Dove body wash I didn’t enjoy. So…

Extra AF Shower Routine: After Bath

After stepping out the shower, I proceed to pat myself dry with a thick, plush towel. This is a necessity, FYI. Afterwards, I spray my body with a body spray to help scent my skin and help in the drying. Most body sprays containing alcohol, which helps speed up the drying process. Next, I massage some good ol’ Neutrogena Bath Oil in my skin, because I love the light sesame oil scent. The oil gives my skin a subtle scent, seals in moisture, and makes my skin look slick and shiny.

I wait a few minutes for my skin to absorb the oil. Once the oil is absorbed, I apply a layer of thick and hydrating lotion. My lotion du jour is Nivea Smooth Daily Lotion, which I slather on my skin to make it feel soft, supple, and smooth. Finally, I spray my body all over with a body spray and I’m good to go!

What’s something “extra” you do during your shower or bath routine? Share below.

Creating An Over The Top Shower Routine

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