Fighting Dry Scalp with L’Oreal

fighting dry scalp

Aside from needing extra time to warm my car up in the morning and having to up my moisturizer game, cold weather brings some other problematic things into my life. During the colder months I find myself fighting dry scalp. Yes, your girl’s scalp gets dry in the winter, too. So, I’m usually finding products to help combat the flaking and dandruff that comes along with having a dry scalp.

Recently, I started using L’Oreal EverFresh Anti Dandruff system that includes an exfoliating scrub, shampoo, and conditioner. L’Oreal’s EverFresh line was developed to help those of us who suffer from the dry, flaky scalp. I only have to deal with dry scalp in the winter, because of the harsh cold weather. However, this line might be worth trying if dry scalp is a constant problem for you.

The EverFresh line includes a shampoo, conditioner, and a scalp exfoliant. Since I am a firm believer in maintaining a clean scalp for hair growth, I couldn’t wait to test drive the Micro Exfoliating Hair Scrub. The hair scrub contains apricot seeds, which makes it very reminiscent of St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Actually, I would describe it as a watery version of the iconic facial scrub. They even smell the same! However, the scalp exfoliant is gentle enough to use on your scalp and hair. This hair scrub is used to help remove any flaking and product buildup on your scalp and hair, which can lead to dandruff.

fighting dry scalp loreal hair scrub

You use the scrub before shampooing your hair by wetting your hair and gently rubbing the scrub on your scalp and throughout your hair. Afterwards, rinse your hair and shampoo and condition your hair with the EverFresh shampoo and conditioner.

The EverFresh shampoo and conditioner are very hydrating and nourishing to dry scalp and hair. The formula is kind of thick, but smooth and creamy. The EverFresh shampoo contains 1% pyrithione zinc, which restores the balance of your scalp to feel clean, clear, and refreshed. The EverFresh conditioner is smooth and restores balance and moisture  in your hair.

NOTE: Since the formula for the shampoo and conditioner is thick, you might need to rinse your hair a couple of times to ensure you got all the product out of your hair.

I’ve been using this line for the past few weeks and it’s a definitely worthy trying if you are currently combating dry, flaky scalp. The EverFresh line is available at most retailers that carry L’Oreal hair care.

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