Gold Home Accents

gold home accents

I love gold! Please feel free to read that previous sentence in the same drawn out way as “Goldmember”. If you don’t know that reference,  do your “Googles”.

Although I love almost anything gold, I know not one to go overboard with it by adorning myself in head to toe gold, despite the occasional desire. Therefore, I try to add touches of gold in the form of accessories. A gold watch and gold hoop earrings here or a chunky gold bracelet with layers of thin gold necklaces there. You know…subtle, but chic.

You can apply those same styling principles when styling your home. Adding gold elements to your home decor with the placement of gold home accents is very easy to do. Here are some simple golden touches that you can add to your home decor.

gold home decor accent pieces

Editor’s Note:

All these items were scouted at which is having a Friends and Family Sale for 25% off your order. That includes sale items, too. The sale just started today and will end on Thursday. So, go get in on the action! ( This is NOT a sponsored post. Just us believing that sharing is caring.)

gold home accents


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