LUST-HAVE LIST: March 2021

LUST-HAVE LIST: March 2021


Happy March! My apologies for the tardiness, because I had every intention of posting this last week. However, the days would not ease up on me and I couldn’t keep up. Like they say, ‘”better late than never” and that’s the sword I’m falling on today.

Although I had plenty of hope for February, it was a flappity flop of a mess. So, I’m hoping March can come in here and act right, which it has been so far. Last month, despite it being the shortest month of the year, felt like the longest. Work was bonkers, trying to get some normalcy to my life was a fail, and then there was week of snowstorms right in the middle. Needless to say, I’m not looking back on last month, but I’m so grateful to see this month.

Since I barely survived February with my mental health still in tact, I’m dedicating March to getting right with myself. I’m focusing on things that bring me peace and (temporarily) putting some things to the side while I get me together. I just want to be a better me for me and I have no excuse as to why I can’t. So, that’s what I’m doing this month.

As for the things I’m wanting in this month’s Lust-Have List, they’re mostly things to make me and my new apartment cute and ready and ready for spring. I want everything!

LUST-HAVE LIST: March 2021

  • Good American Easy Denim Shirt – I feel every closet needs a easy denim shirt and this one looks and sounds perfect – even the name.
  • Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Serum – Recently, I started using the toner from this Glow Recipe line, because I love a good hydrating toner. I heard and saw that the toner combined with this serum makes your skin look all dewy and glowy. So, I need to find out for myself.
  • Nespresso Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine – My Keurig didn’t survive my recent move. Devastating, but this coffee maker and espresso machine hybrid would¬† make me feel so much better.
  • Steve Madden Tan Platform Wide Strap Sandals – A new, cute pair of platform tan sandals is my favorite way to spruce my wardrobe into spring mode. The only con to these is the wait time.
  • Target x Levi’s Aged Cooper Bar Cart – The new Target x Levi’s collection just dropped and I’m in love, especially with this wood and cooper bar cart. So, chic and would look perfect in my new apartment. I wish I could see it in-store first, but I really want to buy it today.

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