Favorite Products for Curly Copper Hair

If you’ve been paying attention to my last few empties post, you may notice that I’ve been using a lot of hair products. I’ve used of products over the past 6 months and most of them are for when my hair is curly. However, it’s also dyed copper, which adds more products to my hair products collection.So, I decided that maybe I should share some of my favorite products for curly copper hair.


Hair Products for Curly Copper Hair | STAINED COUTURE

However, I recently straightened my hair for the first time in over 6 months, which means my daily products may start to change. Still, keep reading to see what hair products my curly copper hair enjoyed.

The first I product I have got to rave about is Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate 5 minute mask. For the last couple of months, ads for this mask have been popping up on TikTok FYP, but I had already heard about it. At my last hair appointment before my hair stylist/coloris went on maternity leave, she mentioned how she was starting to shift her clients to Redken products. So, she recommended that I ty this hair 5 minute mas to replace my conditioner. When I tell you that I immediately felt a difference in my hair. My hair felt softer, but also strong. I’m almost out of shampoo and will finally have a reason to get the matching shampoo.

Next up is another product that went viral on Tiktok, but I started using before the uproar, too. The Mielle Rosemary Mint Hair and Scalp oil is that girl. Everything you heard about helping to grow your hair is very true. When my hair is curly, I apply it throught my hair every other night. However, when it’s straight, I massage it before I shampoo and condition my hair. If I don’t, it will begin to way your hair down.

While we’e on the Mielle train, their Avocado Moisturizing Hair Milk has been my daily curl styling product. It’s super moisturizing, but doesn’t weigh my hair down. Also, it makes my hair soft enough, which makes detangling a breeze. Making the detangling process easier is a dream!

The Watercolor Color Depositing shampoo in copper really kept me and my roots afloat while my hair stylist/colorist¬† was on maternity leave. Over the years, I’ve used countless color depositing products, but this one felt like an actual shampoo. I mean that hair actually felt clean and it helped refreshed my faded red and a little of my new growth.

Honestly, The Doux Mousse Def has become my favorite product for wash-n-go styles. I’ve talked abut this in a previous EMPTIES post, but it does a great job!

Have you tried any of these products for curly copper hair? Share below!

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