Healthy Cinco de Mayo Menu for Home

healthy cinco de mayo menu

Cinco de Mayo is one of those holidays when people enjoy tasty food and festive drinks, but mainly the drinks. Last year, I went out to for a night of drinks with some coworkers, which was fun and needed. This year, I think my sister and I are going to stay in and have our own little Cinco de Mayo Girl’s Night In. After much consideration, I think I’ve come with the perfect healthy Cinco de Mayo menu for home.

healthy cinco de mayo menu layer bean dip

For an appetizer, I’m going to make this 7 layer bean dip, which is a little healthier than most bean dips. I will probably pair it with some blur corn chips of Beanitos, which are so good. Still debating on if I will add salsa to the top. Knowing me, I probably will.

healthy cinco de mayo chicken fajitas

For the entree, as much as I would love to make some cheesy enchiladas, the bean dip has enough cheese for the night. So, I’m going to make a come classic chicken and beef fajitas, similar to this chicken fajita recipe. Grilled lean meats and veggies for the instant, healthy win. Instead of flour tortillas, I’m going to use a spinach tortillas or no tortillas. More veggies, less carbs.

healthy cinco de mayo menu margarita

Can any Cinco de Mayo menu NOT include margaritas? I think not. A classic margarita is my go-to liquored drink of choice. However, I want to try something a little different, such as this pineapple jalapeno margarita. Sounds like the perfect mix of sweet and heat, which I love.

Probably going to be plenty of leftovers to nosh on over the weekend, which makes me happy.

If you have any plans for Cinco de Mayo, please share them below!

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