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Currently, my skin is looking the best that it ever has -seriously. Of course, this is all due to regular facials, sunscreen, and effective skincare products. However, there is one product that I’ve added to my skincare routines that I feel deserves at least 80% of the credit – hydrating toners.

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I’ve been hooked in hydrating toners since I watched one of my favorite Youtube skincare gurus, LaBeautyologist, talk about them. I highly recommend that you watch her video on how to tone your skin. Anyway, The main takeaway from the video was that you should tone your skin at every step of your skincare routine. Also, that hydrating toners help hydrate and prepare your skin for your essences, serums, and moisturizers. When your skin is hydrated, it helps the products work into your skin.

If you have oily skin, like me, you might be a little hesitant. However, oil and moisture are 2 different things. Plus, if your skin is looking oilier, it’s pretty much screaming for more hydration. If you aren’t moisturizing and hydrating your skin enough, the oil factory in your skin will think that you need more oil. Weird, but true. So, most, if not all of the toners that I’ve bought this year have been hydrating ones.

Again, ever since I switched over to focusing on using toners that hydrate the skin, my skin has been flourishing. Keep reading to see the ones that I’ve tried loved.

One of the first hydrating toners I bought specially because it was hydrating was Mamonde Rose Water toner. I recently used up the bottle, but plan on buying another bottle soon. Not only did it help make my skin feel soft and hydrated, but it was soothing and smelled like roses. I think this is a great toner for any and every one, because it doesn’t have any active ingredients and simple. A great toner for beginners who just want to add a toner into their routines.

Currently, I’m switching between 2 hydrating toners – one in the morning and one at night. My morning hydrating toner is Smouve Hyaluronic Tea toner, which is my jam. What I  love about this one is that it’s very light and feels like water. Personally, I don’t use cotton balls or pads to apply toners to my skin. I prefer to use my hands to pat and/or massage it in my skin. It’s loaded with gentle and hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera juice, hyaluronic acid and green tea extract, to name a few. If you’re like me and prefer to just rinse your face in the morning, this is the toner for you. This is another good hydrating toner for beginners.

As for my night time toner, I’m all about Laniege Cream Skin. It’s described as a toner and moisturizer, because it has moisturizing ingredients such as white tea leaf extract and amino acids for your skin barrier. FYI, a strong skin barrier helps protect the moisture in your skin and keep free radicals from the environment out. Although this toner looks very creamy, it’s super lightweight and feels so soothing after cleansing your face. Plus, it’s one of the best rated overall toners at Sephora and in skincare junkie groups.

Another good hydrating toner is Fresh Rose and Hyaluronic Toner, which is loaded with roses and hyaluronic acid. Those two ingredients alone should let you know that this toner will have your skin hydrated and soft. However, this toner also has rose oil, which makes the skin feel soft and supple. However, if you have sensitive skin, I wouldn’t use it and/or that much – it has some slight fragrance.

Sometimes, I forget how good belif aqua bomb products are, because the Belif Aqua Bomb Toner is really good! I would recommend this is you have really oily skin all year – not combination/oily. Although it does contain hydrating ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, it also contains alcohol. It’s not alcohol based, but it does contain enough that I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. I used it during the summer when my skin was at it’s peak of oiliness, but only when it was really oily. So, it did a great job at calming down the oil while hydrating my skin. Definitely a summertime toner, for sure.

Have you added any hydrating toners to your skincare routine? Share below.

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