IOTW: Dr. PawPaw Lip Sugar Scrub and Balm Duo

ITEM OF THE WEEK: Dr. PawPaw Lip Sugar Scrub and Balm Duo


With our new norm of having to wear a mask everywhere, it’s starting to take a toll on our skin. I’m sure pretty sure the word of the year for skincare and beauty community is “maskne” – acne caused by wearing a face mask. I just got my first taste of maskne a couple of weeks ago, because I hadn’t washed my face mask. Luckily, my face has mostly cleared up and I now know the importance of making sure your face masks is clean.

Other than causing my skin to flare up, masks has caused my lips to get dry. My lips were getting extremely dry and I was trying every product to get them back in smooth and not flaky. After a while, I realized that I needed to find something that worked and use it consistently. That’s when I took a chance on Dr. PawPaw lip sugar scrub and lip balm duo. This is the product that finally got my lips to stop being dry and cracked.

IOTW: Dr PawPaw Lip Scrub and Lip Balm | STAINED COUTURE

The top section of the jar has a lip scrub. What I love about the scrub is that it’s not too gritty, which annoys me about some lips scrubs. It does have a slight scent/flavor, but it’s not overwhelming, at all. Since it is a sugar scrub, you can wipe or lick it off. Personally, I wipe it off with a warm washcloth for a little exfoliation. Afterwards, my lips usually feel and look very smooth.

As for the balm, Dr. PAWPAW is known for their lip balms. The balms are so soothing and very nourishing after the scrub. It has the same texture as a petroleum jelly, but not as heavy. The balm quickly softens and protects the skin’s moisture barrier. The balm is really good to use as a lip mask at night, which is why I use it every night.

You can purchase this lip sugar scrub and lip balm duo at Ulta.

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