IOTW: Hydrating Eye Cream from IT Cosmetics

This edition of Stained Couture’s weekly series, ITEM OF THE WEEK, features a hydrating eye cream from IT Cosmetics called Confidence in an Eye Cream

ITEM OF THE WEEK: Hydrating Eye Cream from IT Cosmetics | STAINED COUTURE

My mission to find and fall madly in love with an eye cream has been a roller coaster ride. There have been some good ones over the years. However, most have left me with lackluster results. A couple of months ago, I found a good daytime eye cream. The only thing I needed to find was good nighttime eye cream, which I eventually found in IT Cosmetics’ Confidence in an Eye Cream. Keep reading to see why I love this eye cream for night AND day.

I’ve used a few of It Cosmetics products in the past, but mostly their makeup. However, all of the products I’ve used from them were for the eye area. So, I guess my eyes love IT Cosmetics eye products. What made me give their eye cream a try was the consistency, which is thick and creamy. I prefer for my nighttime under eye creams to be thick in consistency, which usually means it’s very hydrating. Although this cream is thick, it quickly melts into the skin.

Like I mentioned, I initially bought this to use as my nighttime eye cream. However, you can use it day and night, because it helps brighten the under eye. How? Well, it has a slight apricot tint, which is basically a built-in color corrector for dark areas. So, the cream helps make your eyes look brighter and more awake. Therefore, I use this on mornings after a long night and/or when my skin needs just a little extra hydration.

You can purchase the It Cosmetics Confidence in An Eye Cream at Ulta and

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