IOTW: Keracolor Color + Clenditioner

ITEM OF THE WEEK: Keracolor Color + Conditioner

ITEM OF THE WEEK: Keracolor Color + Clenditioner | Stained Couture

I’m obsessed with this Keracolor Color + Conditioner and it’s been the game changer that me and my hair needed. Keep reading to see why.

Almost a year after trying to go copper red; my dry, damaged hair told me it was time to give it up. A few months ago, I went more Auburn, which I loved. However, for the past couple of months, I just felt like I need to go a little darker. So, before I pulled the trigger and alerted my stylist, I decided to do a test run by buying a color depositing product. FYI, since it’s harder to go back light from dark when dying your hair, this was so necessary.

I did a quick browse around Ulta and stumbled upon this gem. Not only did this color conditioner made  my realize that I needed to go darker brown, it made my hair feel amazing. Needless to say, the Keracolor Color + Conditioner deserves to be my Item of the Week.

Initially, I picked this up thinking that it was a conditioner that deposited hair color. Well, actually, it cleans and condition the hair! If you know me, then you know that I’m not usually a fan of multi-purpose beauty products. However, this one works, because you are supposed to shampoo your hair twice before moving on. So, I still use my Olaplex shampoo as a my first shampoo, but then follow it up with this as a second wash and conditioner.

Now, this isn’t my first time trying a color depositing product. When I first started the attempted to go red, I used MoroccanOil color depositing hair mask. Although I loved my results with the mask, I hated that it would leave my shower sprayed with red tinted water. It didn’t stain…that bad, but it was annoying to have to rinse out my shower.

So, when I first used this, I assumed that my shower would be covered in brown water. Nope! If you all could’ve seen me in my shower wondering why this conditioner was coming out in a white foam and not brown. Like any other paranoid woman, I instantly wondered did I get a bad bottle. Nope, it’s just smart technology that allows the foam to come out colorless, which I appreciate.

As for the results – better than I thought! Like with most color depositing products, the results get better after using it a few times. However, I could see a difference after the first use, which I’m sure my faded red color helped. Still, the results were noticeable after the first use. I recently got my hair dyed to a darker brown; similar to this mocha shade. After using it on my darker hair, it helped intensify my color and added some shine. I love it here!

The Keracolor Color + Clenditioner comes in 18+ colors for you to purchase online or at select Ulta locations.

Have you ever tried a Keracolor product and/or clenditioner? Share below!

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