IOTW: MoroccanOil Color Depositing Mask

ITEM OF THE WEEK: MoroccanOil Color Depositing Hair Mask

ITEM OF THE WEEK: Color Depositing Hair Mask | STAINED COUTURE

I must say that I learned a lot of things while the country was mostly shutdown. For example, I learned to type with long nails – a lifelong goal fulfilled. However, the one thing I learned about that I didn’t know existed were color depositing hair masks. Scratching your heads at that phrase? Well, they’re pretty much hair masks that condition your hair AND add temporary color to your hair.

In hindsight, it does sound like they should’ve been a thing, because it sounds genius. I discovered them while randomly browsing Sephora to spend money I didn’t need to spend. The first one I ran across was MorrocanOil Color Depositing Mask and I’ve loved MO products before. After mentioning it in my April Lust-Have List, I asked my stylist would it okay to use in my hair – she said “YASSS!”

After finally receiving it almost a month after I order – I got it during the Sephora sale – I couldn’t wait to try it. Actually, I waited so long for it to arrive, that beauty shops were actually able to open it up before it arrived. I was able to get my hair color refreshed before this arrived. So, I decided to wait a couple of weeks before I tried this mask out.

I waited a couple of weeks before I used this, because I didn’t know if or how it would alter the color of my hair. This color mask only comes in 7 shades – Aquamarine (blue), Hibiscus (hot pink), Champagne (honey brown), Platinum (silver), Rose Gold (warm pink), Cocoa (Brown), and Bordeaux (Deep red). Since I’m going through one of my res hair phases, I went with the latter.

Please note that these masks will transform your dark brown into turquoise. Your hair color will determine which shades you can use – light hair can use most of the shades. However, the darker your hair, the fewer your options. So, back to me and the Bordeaux mask.

Although the main reason I bought this mask was to help me try to conceal my grown out roots, I still care about the conditioning part. First off, I love the smell – smells like MorocanOil other hair masks. Not only does it smell like their other hair mask, it had the same conditioning strength. My hair felt soft and strong, which I love!

*cracks knuckles* Now, let’s talk about the color payoff. My hair was more of a deep warm red, but this mask made it more of true deep red. So, I wasn’t mad at the results. I try to deep condition weekly, but I only use this once or twice a month. The color doesn’t fade that easily, which is nice!

I think that everyone should keep a color depositing hair masks in their arsenal. Although I wish there were more options for darker hair, I get it! If you’re interested in trying out one of these hair masks, you can find them at Sephora and They also come in mini sizes, which has 1-3 uses in them.

Have you tried a color depositing mask before? Share below.

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