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ITEM OF THE WEEK: Parissa At-Home Wax Kit

Parissa At-Home Wax Kit | STAINED COUTURE

For the past few months, mostly due to conflicting of schedule, I’ve been cancelling my needed wax appointments. Unfortunately, that led me to have to shave or use a hair removal cream. Both options work, but the results are never as smooth as a wax. So, I stumbled across this Parissa at-home wax kit at Ulta and thought it was a sign to take this moustache in my own hands.

After one use, I was sold and even uninstalled the app that I used to book my wax appointments. Keep reading to see why the Parissa Wax Kit has been one of the best purchases I’ve made all year.

You would think that someone who has been dealing with facial hair for most her life would have been had an at-home wax kit. When I was in college, I did order one, but I remember it being a chaotic experience. So, I opted to get my facial hair professional waxed, but maintain with shaving and removal cream in between appointments. Unfortunately, over the the years, my facial hair has been growing faster. Therefore, regular wax appointments were needed, but got very pricey.

So, when I stumbled across this at-home wax kit from Parissa, I decided to give a try. What made me really want to go with this brand is that they offered various kits for various areas and hair textures. It was no-brainer for me to grab the one for short and course facial hair.

The kit comes with 3 spatulas (2 thick, 1 thin), a metal tin filled with wax, and a soothing oil to apply after removing wax. Heating the wax is pretty low maintenance, because you can heat it on hot plate, candle warmer or stove. I chose the latter, because I didn’t have the other options.

The instructions call for you to warm the warm at a low temperature until it’s half melted. Melting it half way will allow you to mix it to perfect texture of honey like. Don’t worry, the instructions includes pictures. Also, for less mess, place the tin of hot wax on a plate.

Now for the application; it was fairly easy if you’ve seen waxing done. Apply a thick layer, let is cool for a few seconds until the edges are hard enough to pull. Pull in the opposite of direction the hair is growing for a complete removal. All I had to do was pull once and it got everything in yank. See image below for proof! Of course there was a little initial pain, but not more or less than getting it professionally done. Afterwards, I applied a little of the oil that came with the kit, which instantly felt soothing.

In the end, if you’re looking for an at-home wax kit that gives you the same results as professional, try one of the wax kits from Parissa.

WARNING: Close up of hair easily stripped from my top lip is below!

Parissa At-Home Wax Kit | STAINED COUTURE

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