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IOTW: Parissa At-Home Wax Kit

ITEM OF THE WEEK: Parissa At-Home Wax Kit

Parissa At-Home Wax Kit | STAINED COUTURE

For the past few months, mostly due to conflicting of schedule, I’ve been cancelling my needed wax appointments. Unfortunately, that led me to have to shave or use a hair removal cream. Both options work, but the results are never as smooth as a wax. So, I stumbled across this Parissa at-home wax kit at Ulta and thought it was a sign to take this moustache in my own hands.

After one use, I was sold and even uninstalled the app that I used to book my wax appointments. Keep reading to see why the Parissa Wax Kit has been one of the best purchases I’ve made all year.

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