IOTW: Scar Cream for Your Face

ITEM OF THE WEEK is a weekly series on Stained Couture that highlights a product I’m currently loving. This week: Scar cream for your face.

ITEM OF THE WEEK: Scar Cream for your Face | STAINED COUTURE

A couple of weeks ago, my skin went to Pimple Fest Summer 2019. I had every type of pimple, including cystic. So, I used a simple skincare routine of oil-free foaming face wash and gentle face toner. However, there was one product that helped my skin in more ways than one and that was Good Skin Corrective Scar Cream.

It’s kind of hard to classify what Good Skin is, because it’s loaded with so many of those good ingredients that skin loves. For instance, it has hyaluronic acid to moisturize and squalane to restore moisture and calm skin. However, I think the ingredient that really rocked my skin’s world is peptides.

What exactly are peptides? Well, peptides are amino acids that make up the protein in our bodies, which includes collagen. Collagen in our body is what makes our skin look and feel firm. So, when peptides are added to skincare products, they help encourage your body to produce collagen. That’s the simplest way I can could explanation my brain could concoct.

Back to this dreamy cream. I’ve only been using this as my face moisturizer for the last couple of month. However, it’s the only new skincare product that I’ve added to my routine. Since I’ve been using Good Skin, I’ve been getting so many compliments about how my skin is glowing. People who I’ve known for years and see me every week have noticed how my skin looks more radiant and smooth. Not to mention, it makes my makeup application smoother and lasts longer. So, why would I ever stop using this cream? *kanye shrug*

Good Skin was initially formulated to help heal and minimize scars, which is does. Most the acne scars on my face have fade or left all together. Unlike most scar creams, this cream is lightweight and easily absorbs into the skin. So, you can wear it with or without makeup.

Again, I ask, why would I ever stop using this cream?! Also, I feel like no matter your skin type – normal, oily, dry – this cream would work for you. I have oily skin and this hasn’t aggravated my moody skin, one bit.

You can find Good Skin Corrective Cream on

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