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If you’ve been reading this blog for a minute, you might have seen my numerous skincare routines. Personally, I think you should at least 2 different skincare routines; morning and night. However, you should also have one for cold weather and hot weather, which I have. Another skincare routine I have is one for when I have breakouts. Thankfully, I don’t have berakouts as much as I used, but I still get them occasionally. Therefore, I need an easy acne skincare routine for when my face decides to erupt.

Easy Acne Skincare Routine | STAINED COUTURE

Like some people, my skin flares up mostly around the holidays due to stress and sugary treats. Typically, the products I use to clear up breakouts are gentle and natural face products, because the ingredients don’t further aggravate my skin. However, I was recently introduced to a new skincare line acne system; Kamedis. I’ve been using these products throughout the past couple of months and they’re currently staple products in my life. Keep reading for info about each item.

Before these products were sent to me, I’d never heard of Kamedis. Apparently, Kamedis is a botanical skincare line that has finally come to U.S. after being exclusive to overseas for the past year. Kamedis wanted to create a product that would not only clear your skin, but keep it clear.  The acne products were formulated to balance sebum production using an oil-free formula that won’t dry out the skin.

As a person who has been fighting acne for most of their life, I feel like I’ve heard and tried almost every acne system. Most of the systems contain three steps of a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Although this set has 3 step, the products in the system were different. The Kamedis acne system comes with a cleanser, moisturizer, and spot treatment; no toner. A skincare routine without a toner? As someone who lives for a good toner, especially for acne-prone/oily skin, it seems weird for a 3-step system not have one.

Despite the missing presence of a toner, I still tried out all three products. The Acne Face cleanser is oil-free and gently foams, which is good for helping to control sebum production. Some cleansers for acne have a tendency to make your skin feel dry afterwards, but not this one. My skin felt clean and calm, which threw me off for a minute. Since my skin didn’t feel “exhausted”, I guess that’s why no toner is needed.

However, if I feel like I need to tone my skin, I swipe a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel once over my face. I’ve been using Bluff City Soap gentle toner, which is a blend of rosewater, aloe liquid, and witch hazel. This toner is super calming and gentle to enough to use with this system. I wouldn’t recommend using anything too strong, such as an astringent or any acid toners. If you do, more than likely, your skin will react in a way you don’t want. #TrustMe

After letting my skin air dry, I apply the face moisturizer. Occasionally I might apply a serum first, but I use as few products as possible when I’m fighting a breakout. I love this moisturizer, because it easily absorbs into my skin and feels very light. This moisturizer is hydrating, but it can make my skin feel a little dry. So, I pat a little face oil on my face after applying the moisturizer.

Finally, I apply the Acne Spot treatment, if needed. Typically, I only use it on random, individual breakouts. Out of all the spot treatments I’ve ever tried, this one doesn’t sting or burn. Plus, it’s brown and not the usual shade of white or white-ish. The spot treatment goes on very smooth and there’s no gritty texture, which I appreciate. The first night I used it on a pimple that I could feel forming on my cheek. However, it never saw the light of day on my face, because the treatment (and cleanser and moisturizer, too!) stopped it before it rose. I think I have new BFF, ya’ll!

You can buy each product individually or in an acne kit. I recommend the latter, because you can try all three. You can buy Kamedis products on their website and on Amazon.

What products are in your easy acne skincare routine? Share below!

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