IOTW: Supergoop Sunscreen – Glow Screen

ITEM OF THE WEEK: Supergoop sunscreen – Glow Screen

IOTW: Supergoop Sunscreen Glow Screen | STAINED COUTURE

A couple of weeks, in a sudden wave, some of my fave influencers shared the release of Supergoop’s Glow Screen. I can honestly say that I rarely “run out” to grab a new product, especially due to “influencers”. However, I was influenced hard and ran to Sephora on my lunch break that same day to pick it up. Sidenote: having a Sephora and an Ulta less than a 3 minute drive from my job is becoming too much. Let’s get back to this sunscreen.

As a firm believer in wearing sunscreen daily, I feel like I can never have too many. Yet, I feel like I have too many, but this one is different from the rest. This sunscreen has talent! Keep reading to see what that means.

First of all, I’ve heard plenty of great things about Supergoop, including their sunscreen. Glow Screen is the latest sunscreen from Supergoop to join Unseen Screen and Matte Screen. However, this is my first time giving them my hard earned coins and I don’t regret it. Let’s get the basics out of the way – it’s a sunscreen. Glow Screen has an SPF 40, which is a nice, hearty number for sunscreen.

SPF aside, this sunscreen can also act as a primer and luminizer. Let’s start with it’s primer capabilities, because it’s the thing that made me want to try this sunscreen. The texture is thick, but creamy. You apply a generous and even amount, but it doesn’t  linger too long. Once you skin accepts this sunscreen, you will notice a nice glow to your skin – illuminating.

This brings us to what actually made buy Glow Screen – the glow. All the influencers kept showing their skin after applying this sunscreen and their skin looked all dewy, glowy, and healthy – without makeup. Not only did they have this glow without makeup, but with no glittery shimmer. So, how does this sunscreen give your skin a healthy sheen? Well, it’s from the hydrating ingredients of hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5 pumped in this sunscreen. This sunscreen is going to be so clutch in the summer for light makeup days. So, for that reason, I try not to use it often.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we have a sunscreen here with SPF 40, priming abilities, and hydrating ingredients that makes your skin look healthy and dewy. Like I said, this sunscreen has talent. Although this is the most I’ve spent on a sunscreen ($36), I can totally say that it’s worth it. You can order Glow Screen on or (they’re doing FREE SHIPPING right now, FYI)

Have you tried Glow Screen, yet? Have you tried any Supergoop sunscreen before? Share below.

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