Laundry Hacks and How-To

laundry hacks

As a single woman who is only responsible for washing my own clothes, doing my laundry is one of guiltiest pleasures for the longest time. Washing my clothes is one of my favorite things to do on a lazy afternoon in between cleaning the house and binge watching HGTV on the sofa. So relaxing. So much so, that over the years I’ve learned so much about the process and decided that I would share my personal laundry lessons with you.

Pregame Process

Okay, ladies, we’re adults. The days of turning our hampers upside over the washing machine, dumping soap in, and pushing “Start Cycle” of our college years and clubbing 20s are over. Seriously, Tide can only do so much.

So, before you practice your shot making skills by balling up all your clothes and toss them one by one in the washer, sort them. You should separate your clothes into 4 piles: dark, light/brights, whites, and delicate. It’s important to separate your clothes, because each category has specific washing instructions.

Dark colors should be washed in cold water, bright colors should be washed in warm/cold, and whites should be washed in hot/cold cycle. When it comes to washing your dedicates, it’s always best to hand wash them. However, that can be a little time consuming if you have quite a bit. Luckily, most washers have a delicate cycle. So, wash your delicate on the delicate/gentle cycle with delicate detergent, such as Woolite.

Laundry Hacks

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind next time you’re doing your laundry.

  • Keep bright colors popping and stop them from fading, add a teaspoon of salt into the load.
  • To prevent dark shades from fading, simple wash them inside out.
  • To keep your brights and not get dingy, toss an aspirin into your next load of whites.
  • To cut drying time, toss in a dry towel in your dryer to help eliminate some of the moisture in the dryer and helping your laundry dry faster.

Laundry Accessories


One of my favorite purchases in the past year was a sneaker wash and dry bag. My Converse and I love this genius bag. You just place your favorite fabric shoes in the bag before placing them in your washing machine. Afterwards, the attach the bag to the door of the dryer and place the shoes behind the bag. This allows you to dry your shoes without having to hear them clunk around in your dryer and potentially damaging your appliance. Love this bag and it’s less than $5.

Happy washing!

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