LUST-HAVE LIST: August 2023

LUST-HAVE LIST: August 2023


Hey, August! While I was driving to work this morning, it dawned on me that it’s actually August. For a lot people, it’a practically Fall, too. I went to Target yesterday and they already had some Fall decor in their bulleye aisle. I was tempted to pick up this pumpkin shaped drink dispenser, but I refrained. However, am I currently regretting that decision? Maybe.

Well, I’m putting myself on a spending freeze until after my vacation. My anxiety of making sure I stay within budget usually creeps up 2 weeks before my vacations. So, it’s on schedule because my vacation begins in exactly 2 weeks. However, I still have a couple of things I’m eyeing – even if I have to wait until the end of the month to get.

With that being said, check out this month’s Lust-Have List!

LUST-HAVE LIST: August 2023

  • Birkenstock Milano Sandals – I feel like Birkenstocks are one of the few sandals that year and this pair is no exception. They basically have the same look as the traditional pair, but with a buckled back strap.
  • K18 Hair Repair Starter Set – My hair is dire need of repair. I have a long overdue hair appointment when I get back from vacay. I’ve been mentally preparing myself for big trim. However, after that I’m going to get back into making sure my hair stays healthy and want to finally try K18. This starte kit seems like the right place to start.
  • Belted Mini Dress – I realize that I mostly reach for dresses in the fall, because they are great for transitionig between seasons. I love the contrasting design of this dress. Plus, the belted design helps give the look of an hour glass shape, which I need. lol
  • Underwater Oasis Fine Fragrance Mist – I recently picked up the lotion version of this scent because I had a coupon for a free bottle. It smells so good to where I now want body spray in this scent and maybe even the perfume version, if they make it. It’s a fresh beachy scent – smells amazing!
  • S’well Salad Set – Recently found out that S’well sales food containers made with of the material of their beverage containers. I own and love a couple of their travel drink containersm which assures me that I need this salad set. It even comes with a container to hold liquid.
  • Gold Ear Cuff – I’ve been pondering getting an ear cuff piercing for a minute, but I think just getting a ear cuff will curve the craving.

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