LUST-HAVE LIST: February 2024

LUST-HAVE LIST: February 2024


I know we say this every year, but January was long! However, I’m looking forward to February because it’s my last month of hibernation before I start preparing my yearly reset. Most people do this as their New Years Resolution, but I usually wait for spring work on my growth for the year.

As for February, it’s the month of love, Black History Month, and a leap year. So, we get one more day to bask in love and Black History. Honestly, I plan to spend most of the month dreaming about spring and it’s weather. I’m still trying to recoup from the winter weather from last month, because it was brutal. Not to mention, we probably have one more winter storm coming this month. Dreading that real bad.

The things in this month’s Lust-Have List sparked so much joy and each serve a need for me. So, keep reading to see the things I’m wanting this month.

LUST-HAVE LIST: February 2024

  • Kendrick Trunk Bag – I’ve been wanting a Blackwood bag for so long, especially a trunk bag. Safe me would usually go for a neutral, but this red cheetah print is too fab to ignore.
  • Dolce Gabbana Devotion perfume -I’m usually into clean or unisex type scents, but I’m to get into more feminine floral scents. Heard this scent from D&G would appease my usual scents and new ones.
  • Denim Pullover Shirt – I used to have a denim tunic that I would wear at least once a week. It would allow me to look be pulled together and casual. This shirt from H&M is giving me the same vibe. Easy and cute for spring. Is it too soon to be dreaming of spring?
  • FOREO UFO 2 -I was thinking about picking up a FOREO cleansing brush, but their UFO device helps to hydrate the skin and improve the look of your skin. I’m sold!
  • Nike Waffle Debut Sneaker – Another month and another pair of sneakers I’m eyeing for walking. However, I hope these will also help with my aspirations to start running in 2024. *fingers crossed*


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