It feels so wild that it’s already May, but January feels like 10 months ago. Anyhow, I’m actually looking forward to this month, because I’m starting to actually make plans for the summer. I’ve already started to plan a couple of road trips and finally ready to start finding some furniture for my balcony. I want to lay out there and tan in peace. Actually, I need to look for a new swimsuit that actually fits my body.

Recently, I learned that I’ve been suffering from body dysmorphia for the past few years. This caused me to buy and wear clothes that are too big for me since I’ve lost some weight over the years. Not to mention, I know longer care what people think about how I look. If I feel good and comfortable, I don’t care what others think. Hopefully, everyone will reach this level of peace and big IDGAF energy. I love it here!

As for my wants this month, it’s screaming that summer is coming and I’m trying to be ready. So, here is my wishlist for May 2022 and I feel like I’m actually going to buy all these items this month.


  • Yitty Midi Shaping Bra – When Lizzo announced that she was going to drop a shapewear I knew there were going to be some items that I wanted. This midi shaping bra is at the top of the list. It not only helps smooth that diabolical back fat, but it comes in an array of colors. That will allow you to wear it as a tank or under a button up. That yellow one, tho?! *chef’s kiss*
  • Animal Old Skool Leopard Print Vans – I was looking for some lace-up leopard print Vans, but I saw these first and that orange detail made me feel like these were the better choice.
  • Le Mini Macaron Party Babe Gel Polish – Recently picked up a bright cherry version of this polish over the weekend and I love it. This neon yellow one needs to be mine ASAP. I love neon yellow polish!
  • Distressed Denim Mom Shorts – Like I said, I don’t care what anyone thinks about me this summer and that includes my big legs. They need sun these shorts will help that happen.
  • Oversized All Black Sunglasses – My oversized black sunglasses broke a couple of months ago. I miss then, which means I need to replace them.

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