Make-Up Monday… Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour Blush

When it comes to blush, some people love it or hate it. For me, I used to hate blush, because I was all about not wanting to look like I had makeup on and blush was just a flashing sign that had makeup on.

However, I eventually learned its not the product itself, but the color and the application of the product. Light shades and strokes, ladies.

Well, this past weekend, I decided that I needed to do a mini-retail therapy to help soften all the stress and mess I’ve been dealing with and although the last thing I needed was more makeup…well.

Anyway, I’ve known for a while that Laura Mercier makes some amazing makeup, especially foundations, concealers, and powders, but I never really delved into her color makeup, until this weekend. On a whim, I decided to test some of her blushes, the second skin ones, to be particular. Obviously, the name says it all, because in the end, that’s all we want makeup to look like, second skin and not layers of colors.

This blush is the epitome of what blush should be; light, natural, velvety smooth, and down-right awesome. I was instantly sold on the Lotus Pink for a natural pink flush, the Lush Nectarine for soft peachy glow, and Soft Clove that makes a great contour powder for my complexion. I’m blushing for these blushes!

Stay Stylish!

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