Plans To Have A Good Day

When I wake up in the morning, I always aspire to have a good day. Even if I know I have a half finished project with an aggressive due date waiting for me at work; I’m waking up with the notion that the day will be great. In order for me to feel like the day is going to be good, it takes a little mind tricking some simple steps. By doing these basic and simplistic tips, my day gets off to a good start.

Plans to Have A Good Day

I know, you can’t guarantee you have a good day, but you can remove some of the potential ways to have a bad day. Keep reading to see what I do daily to help me have a good day.

Plans To Have A Good Day: Make Breakfast and Coffee At Home

One of the things I’ve really embraced and  appreciate is making my own breakfast and coffee before work. I initially started doing this save money, but now I do it to start my day with a calm normalcy. Making my own breakfast and coffee also helps ensure that I have a mostly healthy breakfast and non-sugary, dairy-free cup of coffee. During this time, I feel very relaxed and optimistic for the day.

Plans To Have A Good Day: Stick To Schedule

Consistency is key to accomplishing a lot of things. When I stick to my daily schedule and to-do list; there’s a better chance that I get everything I need done. Also, it removes some chances of stress and worrisome such as stressing about getting to work on time or worrying about finishing up a project. Once I know what I need to do, I make sure I set up the path to completion to the est of my ability.

Plans To Have A Good Day: Drink Plenty of Water

I love coffee and, as mentioned above, I tend to drink a cup everyday. However, when I feel tired despite having a full night’s rest, I know I need some water. Feeling lethargic is clear sign that I’m dehydrated. So, I always keep a large cup of water on my desk. Coffee will give me a kick, but water will keep me going all day.

Plans To Have A Good Day: No Phone in AM

This has been the hardest thing I’ve had to learn how to do, but phones are distractions. Waking up and grabbing my phone to check my phone turned a 10 second thing to 30 minutes of scrolling IG and twitter to see what I missed while sleep. I still occasionally do that, but when I get to work; I leave my phone in the glove compartment. Therefore, I can come into the office, check emails, and get a good head start to my day without Instagram notifications tempting my hand. Before lunch, I retrieve my phone for the day and check what I missed. By this time, I’ve already programmed my mind to the tasks at hand.

Like I said before, you can’t predict the future to guarantee you have a good day. However, with the proper steps, you can at least forward to a good day.

What are some things that you do to have a good day?

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