Portable Hygiene for Summer

Did you know that last month, July, was the hottest month ever? Well it was and I totally believe it. Not only can the heat test your energy, but also your personal hygiene. Thankfully, there are some portable hygiene products that can allow us to look and feel good on the go.

Portable Hygiene for Hot Weather | STAINED COUTURE

Keep reading to find out more about these three little packets that have been living in numerous spots in my life all summer.

One of the most genius products that I think came out this year are the Neutrogena On The Go Single Makeup Wipes. Why weren’t these already a thing?! I mean, the travel-size packs were good, but being able to throw one or two packets – the size of matchbook – in your bag is so convenient. I keep a couple in my purse, work desk, and car console. These puppies are so clutch.

The next on-the-go product hygiene product that I’ve been keeping in my purse this summer are Summer’s Eve individual Cleansing Wipes. These are great for the gym bags or after spending extended time in the heat. Personally, I prefer the fragrance-free formula – seems safer. Plus, they reduce odor, which can happen from sweating so much – all over.

Finally, Secret’s Body Cleansing Deodorant Wipes have been having my back and pits all summer. Although I try to mainly wear natural deodorant – it’s not feasible for 100+ degree days. So, when my senses alert me that my natural deodorant has clocked out for the day, I break whip out one of these wipes. They’re not heavy and leave no residue – they smell great, too.

Do you carry any on-the-go portable hygiene products? Share below.

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