Shopping Chronicles…E.L.F #1

A couple of weeks ago, E.L.F was having a promotion on $1.98 f0r shipping for orders. So, I decided to take them up on their offer and I ordered some stuff for me and couple of things for in-house beauty editor, Beautylishus.

Read more to see what I ordered!

I have bought so many makeup brushes these past few weeks, but I can truthfully say that I needed some new brushes. So, I bought the flat powder brush, Kabuki brush, and angled foundation brush, all from E.L.F. Studio line. I’ve been wanting a flat powder brush to apply and blend my bronzer and blush. Also, I lost my kabuki brush a couple of months ago. Actually, I think my cat knocked it in the garbage and got thrown away by accident. That mischiveous kity. Anyway, both brushes are just ridiculously soft! Oh, I bought the angled foundation brush for Beautylishus! I hope see likes it!

The next thing I needed was a new eyelash curler. I had 2, one from revlon and the mechanical one from E.L.F. I’ve used, had, and loved both for about 5 years each. Needless to say, they were no longer curling my lashes like they use to. So, when I saw this pink one from E.L.F’s Sugar Kiss collection, I just had to throw it in my online cart! I haven’t tried it yet, but I have faith in it.

Coral/pinkish blushes are a spring staple in my make-up case! Its all about the fresh face look in spring. So, I bought the Natural Radiance Blusher in Glow and Shy, which are both colors I’ve used and loved in the past. Also, I grabbed Candid Coral from the studio line. I haven’t tried it, yet, but it looks like a deep and sheer coral that will look fabulous with the a soft matte bronzer.

I’m lazy. Well, when it comes to washing brushes. I try to wash them at least once a week,  but sometimes…well most of the time I can’t fit them into my schedule. So, hopefully this daily brush spray will help me and my brushes in between washes.  Also, when I do get around to washing my brushes, I use whatever gentle shampoo is within reach. So, I also went ahead and bought the brush shampoo. Your welcome, brushes!

Last, but definitely not least, the description of this product just awed me. It’s called the Eye Transformer and it allows you to convert your eyeshadows into different colors these four opalescent shades in the compact. You can wear over, under, or with your make-up or you can wear it alone! It’s genius and the reviews on E.L.F’s website sound promising. I’m sending this to resident beauty junkie, Beautylishus,  and I can’t wait to receive her review of it!

So, that’s it. If you have tried any of these product or want to, then leave a comment!

Stay Stylish!

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