Shopping Chronicles…E.L.F 60% off sale

About 3 weeks ago, E.l.f  had one of their notorious major sales that was 60% off site wide. Obviously, with such an awesome sale, how could I not grab a few things. Keep reading to see the list of the things I bought and my opinions so far.

Let it be known, ELF has some of the best inexpensive makeup brushes on the market. So, I knew that my order would be mainly brushes. I got the complexion brush from the Studio line, which is a big fluffy flat brush that is good for applying powder on your face. The next brush I got was the studio line angled foundation brush. I’ve only used this once to contour my cheeks and works perfectly for that. Finally, I got the studio line blush brush and the eyelash/eyebrow wand and blending brush from the regular line, because I needed a new blush brush for my travel bag and I’m tired of eyebrow brushes and wanted to give wands a try. As usual, I’m very pleased with the brushes!

I did a comparison between an older brush from ELF regular line and a newer brush in the same line and I noticed that the brushes are about an inch or 2 shorter than the older brushes. Yeah.

As an afterthought, I picked up a couple of Eye Brightening eyeshadow quads in Luxe, Matte Mauve (not shown), Nymph Dreams, and Glam. Elf’s eyeshadows have great pigmentation and descent staying power with the right primer. I got the Matte Mauve for my sister, because she’s in this huge pink stage. I blame Nicki Minaj. Yeah, I said it! LOL

I’m a huge fan of my Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Powder and I thought E.L.F HD powder would be a great alternative and it is! HD powder is great for setting makeup when you want an airbrush and natural look. So, if you want to experiment with HD powder, you should try this out.

The final two products I got were eye products from the studio line and to put it loosely…THEY SUCK SWEATY BALLS!

I got the Eyebrow Lifter and Filler. The lift end is a sheer color that you use to highlight the brow and the other end is used to fill in your brows. The highlighter is creamy and blends pretty easy, but its very sheer. The filler end is also very creamy, which is not good for a brow filler. It just melts into the brow and looks so obvious, because the pencil is so thick that it’s practically impossible to create a natural looking fill.

The other eye item I got was the Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter and was horrible. The eye concealer was too light and creamy and practically creased instantly. The highlighter was a too shimmery and was kind of thick for a highlighter and hard to blend. After I tested it and hated it, I gave it to my little sister.

After I took a picture of the stuff I kept for myself, I felt a little bad about dismissing the under eye concealer so quickly. So, I tested it again and now…I’m definitely sure that this product sucks!

Finally, the sent me a free shimmer whip in Pink Lemonade, which I was glad to receive, because I’d been wanting to try one. Love it.

In the end, I’m pretty content with my order! If you want me take swatches or better pictures, then let me know below!

Stay Stylish!

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