Spring Jeans Trends 2023

Spring Jeans Trends 2023

Spring Jeans Trend 2023 | STAINED COUTURE

Do you realize that spring is just a week away?! Well, don’t worry if you didn’t, because I just realized it today! The fact that I had to defrost my car this morning didn’t help me realize it either. *insert eye roll*

I’m trying to not only prepare my mind that it’s almost spring, but also my closet. Unfortunately, my closet still very much looks like the oversized tees, sweats, and leggings. The look of being shut in from the pandemic in 2020 is still reigning. However, I have scored a couple cute tops recently, but it made me realize that I don’t really have any cute jeans. When I was younger, I only wore jeans. However, that became a wrap once it became acceptable to wear leggings everywhere and everyday.

However, I’m ready to start buying more jeans again and it’s actually a need now. The jeans th at I do have are kinda out of date (Hey, skinny jeans) and or they are too big. Your girl has dropped a size, which I can only tell by the way my clothes fit. Body dysmorphia is real in my world.

I’ve been paying attention to some of the latest trends and these styles apparently are going to be a big hit this spring. Kee reading to get all the details.

Spring Jeans Trends 2023

  1. Denim Cargo Pants – Cargo pants have been making a comeback recently, which I’m not sure about. The 2k style is back and why not do a 2-for-1 and try a pair of cargo denim. I like the style of this pair from Alice+Olivia. The cropped hem and straight leg make them a little adult friendly and not teens.
  2. Kick Out Crop Jeans in Pure White – Personally, I haven’t had a pair of nice fitting denim jeans in ages and this pair by Madewell look nice. Plus, Madewell is size inclusive by offering these in regular, petite, tall, and plus.
  3. Distressed Straight Leg – Some women over a certain age can’t get into the distressed jeans look, but I’m not one of those women. This straight leg pair by Wild Fable is at the top of my want list. However, I may make the ankles look less tapered.
  4. ASOS DESIGN Curve Dad Jeans – As a curvy woman, the dad jeans trend can be fickle, because the designers don’t take bofy proportion into mind. However, this pair by ASOS Curve look like they nailed it. Perfect fit without looking too baggy.
  5. Vintage Wide Leg – Finally, if white jeans freak you out too much or more of a summer trend, a cream pair will be perfect Spring. This vintage pair from Levi’s look fabulous!


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