Spring To-Do List 2018

Today is the first official day of Spring and looks and feels like a cloudy fall day outside my window. However, just knowing that I can be unapologetic when wearing flip flops everyday for the next few months is enough for now. Now that the weather is preparing to warm up, I can finally crack open my personal Spring To-Do list. My list consists of 5 things I won’t to accomplish and/or start doing.

Spring To-Do List 2018

I try to make this list for every season, but I enjoy the spring list better. Mainly, because the weather is nicer and makes things more enjoyable. Keep reading to see the things I’m hoping to do this spring.

Spring To-Do List 2018: Join A Gym

This has been on my to-o list for far too long. Actually, I was waiting for this new gym that’s on my daily route to open up. My idea was that since it’s on my daily route, it would be easier for me to just stop in and get a daily 30 minute workout in. Unfortunately, that gym isn’t open 24 hours and wouldn’t work for my early morning goal. So, I’m going to visit a gym that’s one street over on my route. This gym is open 24 hours, costs 50% less than the other, and it’s not too out of my way to go. I’m hoping seeing the first gym on my route will encourage me to go my gym. *fingers crossed*

Spring To-Do List 2018: Lighten My Hair

My hair has been dark brown and/or black for years now. However, it’s time to warm these tresses up by going a little lighter. I already have my first appointment set up to start the process in a couple of weeks. So, I’m avoiding putting heat to hair for now and doing weekly deep conditions to help strengthen my hair. Before dying your hair, especially when go lighter, you should baby your baby; no heat, deep condition, and protective styles.

Spring To-Do List 2018: Deep Clean Weekly

For the past month, I’ve been really enjoy cleaning around the house. So, random, but so true. I started my making the decisions to clean my kitchen every night, but now I also vacuum the living room and swift the bathroom floors every night. It’s very relaxing and who doesn’t love the look, feel, and smell of a clean home. So, I decided to relive my childhood and dedicate Saturday mornings to deep clean my house. All I need is a record player playing Natalie Cole, jasmine incense to really feel like I’m 8 years old again and have to clean the bathroom.

Spring To-Do List 2018: Go Outside More

This winter was rough. There was more snow than usual, the weather was inconsistent AF, and I had so many bouts of vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, I feel that I’ve been craving warm sunny days to frolic around the backyard or while running errands. I wish today was sunny.

Spring To-Do List 2018: Be More Diligent

I will and have to be the first to admit that follow thru game is trash! I’m procrastinator and feel that I get more stuff done at the last minute, which has been this way since I was in college. Unfortunately, I’m not in college anymore and my former ability to get things done at the last minute has turned in giving up in the middle. While working being more mindful, it has caused me to want to work on being more diligent with my goals and plans. So far, I’ve been sticking to made plans, attending events that I said I would, and just trying to show up more in every aspect of life. I’m a work in progress; working to progress.

What are some things that you’re working on this spring?


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