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My Summer 2015 Reading List


I was mentioning about things from my childhood that I took for granted and didn’t care to do at the time. Well, you can add summer reading lists to that growing list.

At the end of the school year, some schools pass out a list of books that students are expected to read while on summer break to prepare them for the next grade and school year.

Don’t get it twisted, I loved to read and still do. However, as a child, reading books instead of playing outside and going swimming was a guise to ruin our “well-deserved” summer break.

Now, as an adult, I look forwarded to reading and have adopted to curate my own reading lists for the summer. If on vacation, staycation, or just a quiet weekend at home absorbing cooling A/C, I love reading a good book to relax.

Currently, I finishing the 48 Laws of Power (Awesome read, FYI) and have plenty more I want to read. So, here is a list of books l plan to read this summer. My list consists of everything from fun, casual reads to books to help flourish my creative ideas, and books about business to help me plant some creative ideas I’ve been contemplating. Stay tuned for that.

Anyway, here are few books for my summer 2015 reading list


Zen and the Art of Making A Living: A Practical Guide to Creative Career Design – I’m brushing up creativity in order to live off it. So, this book is great for inspiration to providing a proven formula for bringing creativity, dignity, and meaning to every aspect of the work experience.


Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success – In today’s world of instant “expert” everything and everybody thanks to social media and other elements, you really have to learn to be able to promote yourself; no matter what you want to do with your life.


Yes, Please – It’s Amy Poehler. Plus her last book was awesome!


Crazy Rich Asians – You kind of have to read this book. I heard a nice and entertaining read. Perfect for vacation.


Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media – The promotion for this book was everything. Its by Aliza Licht, the brand and voice behind DKNY PR Girl.


The Status of All Things – I’m a sucker for cute cover! However, the story behind the cover sounded interesting enough to grab my attention.


Love and Miss Communiation – A cute story that tells what can blossom once you look up from your screen and into the world. So modern.

See anything you’ve read? Please tell me how did you like it below. No spoilers, though. Don’t be that person.

Also, I created a GoodReads account that shows all the books I’m interested in reading this year, which you can view the list in the sidebar. If you have GoodReads account, please share below so we can suggest some books I might like read.

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Some of my favorite links from the past month. So, please enjoy this month’s edition of Linkage Love.

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Beauty Kits for Summer


Summer is all about the carefree and easy going attitude and what better way to achieve that lifestyle than with perfectly packaged beauty kits that cut time and hassle. Also, they are great for those impromptu, but much needed, last minute vacations and/or road trips.

Plus, it’s just too hot to have to think. This are perfect to just grab, throw it a bag, and go. That’s the ultimate summertime motto, if I do say so myself.

So, here are some awesome beauty kits for summer that you might want to have for the humid heat and sunny days


Drybar “I Heart Road Trips” – Texture, volume, and shine are all the things we look for with our hair, especially in the summer when the sun tries to defy are attempt fro fabulous hair. This 3-piece kit from Drybar will leave with your summertime fine!


Mia 2 Spun Gold Summer Sun with Supergoop! – This Clarisonic kit not only comes wit a bright yellow Mia 2, which is smaller and more travel-friendly than the original Mia, but also an array of Supergoop products that will not only polish your skin, but protect it from the UV rays of the summer sun with the help of a sunscreen, eye cream and even a lip balm.


Perricone MD Perfectly Polished No Makeup Skincare Essentials Kit – The No Makeup Set designed with Dr. Perricone’s leading antiaging skincare technology to restore the color of youth and impart the look of healthy, radiant skin features products that not only add color to your face, but it packed with anti-aging ingredients to give you an ultimate glow.


tarte Play It Safe Essential Set – This tarte kit features bronzers, self-tanners and everything else you need for that bronze and tanned look we all crave in the summer time. Plus, it also includes tarte’s new sunscreen, which I’ve heard great things about, so far.

Stay Stylish!

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