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My On-the-Go Nail Kit

on-the-go nail kit

One of the things that love to do in my downtime or when I’m bored at work, is pull out my on-the-go nail kit. What is that? Oh, it’s just a little cosmetic bag full of essential items I need to maintain my nails when I don’t have the time to stop by the nail salon, which tends to be more times than I would like.

However,there is something so instantly calming about filing, buffing, and polishing my own nails. I recently cut down my natural nails from long and oval to short and square, because spring and summer is the season for bright and colorful polishes, which tend to look better on shorter nail. However, I am slowly going them back. Therefore, I always make sure that I’m in reach of my bag of nail tricks otherwise known as my on-the-go nail kit.

Check out the complete list of the nail maintenance items that I keep in my nail kit bag.


on-the-go nail kit

  • Nail File – I’m always buying nail files left and right. My personal favorite are the 4-1 files that are designed to file, shape, buff, and shine. However, I keep a simple 2-sided file in nail kit bag, because I usually only have to smooth any rough or uneven edges.
  • Cuticle Remover – Dry cuticles are the worst. So, I try to apply cuticle oil to my nails and cuticles throughout the day. However, for those times when my cuticles are out of control; I apply this cuticle remover, let it sit for 15 seconds, gently push my cuticles back with cuticle pusher (not pictured, because I need to replace it), and wash my hands with warm, soapy water to remove the excess. Pretty simple and quick to do.
  • Nail Polish Remover Wipes – Portable nail polish wipes are ingenious gems. So far, the best one I’ve used are these Cutex one, because they aren’t super saturated and don’t drip remover everywhere. Plus, one wipe is strong enough to remover polish off of all 10 of my nails and that was with red polish. Super impressed.
  • Nail Clippers – keep nail cuticles and clippers, but I learned to leave cuticles to the professionals and applying cuticle oil to my nails have really helped me no longer need them. However, a mini pair of nail clippers not only help me when I break a nail and decide to even up the rest of the gang, but also great at snipping away those horrific (and sometimes painful) hang nails.
  • Nude Polish – As you might already be aware, I stan for nude nail polishes and always keep one in my personal nail kit. There’s always a bottle of Wet n Wild’s Private Viewing in my bag. It’s simple, glossy, and dries fast. What more can I look for when doing my nails on the go? Nothing.

Do you keep certain nail products in your purse? If so, what are your must-have nail essentials in you bag? Share below!

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