Nude Nails

In the past, I had a strong addiction to nail polishes. I wanted (and almost had) every shade possible. No matter the brand, color, or texture; I needed it. I had so many nail polishes that it eventually became a burden to store my nail polish.

Over the course of a couple of years, I’ve not only downsized my collection, but also my preference of colors. I no longer gravitate to toward bright neon (maybe for a summer pedi) and glitter (accent nail friendly), but instead stick to mostly classic and neutral shades of pinks and reds. However, the shade of polish that I wear the most is nude polish for a clean and classic look of nude nails.

For me, having a nude nail polish is a must for various reasons. Finger nails with nude polish gives the illusion of longer and slender fingers, doesn’t look that noticeable when chipped, and goes with everything and every season. It’s pretty much a no brainer.

Currently, I’m wearing Sally Hansen’s ‘Camelflage’ (I love polish names!), which is the perfect light khaki brown for my late winter skin that’s not too pale or my naturally tanned complexion. However, when summertime arrives and drops off my full coverage tan, I know I’m going to have to go up a couple of notches on the color spectrum. Luckily, more makeup and nail polish brands are coming out with collections that feature natural neutral shades. So, everyone has a chance to be nude in some way or another. *insert seductive wink*

Finding The Right Nude Polish For Your Skin Tone:

Fair/Pale Skin: Sheer pinks and milky mauves. AVOID stark whites and pinks, because they will look too harsh and washed out.

Olive/Tan Skin: Sandy beiges vey soft taupes. AVOID polishes with yellow undertones, because they will washout against your complexion and look shallow.

Deep/Dark Skin: Dark browns, coffee colors, and pinky beige colors. AVOID polishes with grey under tones, because they will make your hands look dull and “ashy”. Who wants that?


Here some safe color choices that are complimentary to multiple skin tones.


Deborah Lippman Bare BeigeEssie All Eyes On NudeZoya Nude Perfectorbutter LONDON ‘Tea Wit The Queen’

I hope you are no a little more informed and determined on finding your perfect nude polish for nude nails.

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